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Women On The Verge Of Kicking Some Ass

Duck informs Harry that as of today, he's costing the company more money than he's making it. It seems that in the ABC Sunday night movie, there was a scene with a murderous Russian spy who was referred to as an "agitator" on numerous occasions. "And this led into a Maytag spot, the title of which is 'The Amazing Agitator'." Harry can barely keep from giggling, and it is hilariously ridiculous -- is Maytag worried that people will think that their washing machines are sending information about their domestic habits home to Mother Russia? "They make swans out of their napkins! NOW we have them!" Duck's point, however, is that they're eating this one. "Politics aside, you need to be aware that a client will take any excuse not to pay us." Now he's making more sense. He tells Harry to shape up the department or he'll ship it out, and Harry leaves in a tizzy...

...and outside, he encounters Ken, Paul, and Sal doing absolutely nothing, so he asks for a volunteer to read TV scripts, as there are too many and he has no one to help him. They, however, are unwilling to take time from their busy ass-picking schedule, so they suggest he find someone more junior to kick around instead. Harry smokes in frustration, which should at least keep him awake longer to read.

Duck and Pete come into Don's office, and Duck announces that Heineken was "pleased but confused." Ah, college. Don wonders if that's because Duck doesn't use their product, and Duck replies, "That's why I brought Campbell." Heh, nice. The problem, however, is that there's a lot of competition "at the tap," so the Heineken people think they need to find a way to excite "your average tavern inhabitant." Don asks if Duck explained that there's a market out there that's actually excited about Heineken being imported -- women entertaining in the home. He says that for them, "Holland is Paris -- they can buy this sophisticated beer and proudly walk it into the kitchen instead of hiding it in the garage." Duck is like, I'm just the messenger here, and suggests some research to back up Don's claim, which Don agrees to, including some fancy supermarket-aisle displays. On his way out, Duck tells Don he might not be able to make it Sunday night, but Don points out that Roger thinks it's very important that they sit down with "Crab Colson," who I'll just tell you now is the guy from two episodes ago who was involved in that whole Cuba PR fiasco. Duck explains to a clueless Pete that Crab is with "Rogers & Cowan," and says he'll get the time of the party from his girl again. He leaves, but Pete just stands there until Don looks at him with a "What?" expression, at which he takes off. He's a total weirdo, but maybe his reflexes were slowed by all that imported beer.

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