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Betty's bustling around getting things ready when she notices that one of the dining-room chairs has a loose supporting piece. Unable to solve the problem with some creative jiggling, she ends up hitting the chair against the floor several times until it completely falls apart. Too bad -- that thing would have made the drunk woman's antics even funnier. Bobby and Sally look concerned enough about their mother losing it that they take their eyes off the TV for all of three seconds.

Harry's working away as his shiftless officemate Warren is keeping the faith by doing nothing, although he tries to look busy when one of the girls buzzes in that Roger is there. Harry tries the effect of calling Roger by his given name, which gets a "Crane" in response. Heh. I think it's worse that he didn't even seem to notice. Roger asks what this business is about expanding the department, and Harry says he's checked with other outfits, and they should have a "dedicated man" for broadcast operations -- someone to read scripts, mainly, while he should be more of "the face of the Television Department, for the clients." Translation: "I want to do nothing around here, like all my friends do." Well, that's at least how Roger hears it, as, after a funny bit where he tries to ascertain if he can bum a smoke and realizes that Harry's a mooch in that regard just like he is, he wonders if Harry's "goldbricking," because that's what "Mitch" says. After unsuccessfully trying to get Warren to leave, Harry, sotto voce, says that Mitch isn't happy with Harry's promotion. Roger asks if Harry is, and when he says yes, pointedly replies, "Figure out a way to do the job yourself." When he's gone, Harry tells Warren that he'd better not repeat any of that to Mitch. Aw. He's so cute when he tries to be threatening!

Peggy answers her phone with the formal greeting of "Peggy Olson's office," and it's Father "John" Gill, who asks to speak with her, not realizing that women being copyrighters is one thing, but women having secretaries is going to be a few more seasons down the line. (It seems appropriate to add, "God willing.") Peggy pauses for a couple moments and then brightly answers as herself. We see that Father Gill is holding a flyer that bills the dance as "A Night To Remember," and has a large picture of a man and a woman ballroom-dancing, his hand on the small of her back. He asks if she could take "whatever this is" and turn it into a poster, a request that sounds both counterproductive (it's an off-putting way of referring to Peggy's work) and counterintuitive (why would he want a poster if he doesn't like the concept?). Peggy focuses on the former issue, asking what he means, and Father Gill tells her that the CYO committee is worried about the potential implications of the copy. Peggy, however, thinks it's romantic yet wholesome, and besides, if they don't get the girls out there, the boys won't come either. (She doesn't ask if they'd prefer "A Night To Forget," which shows that she was raised right, at least in certain respects.) Father Gill starts to hem and haw, so her tone turns slightly acidic: "Tell them that this is the way it works, and I know better than them." In a less explicit way than Duck did, Father Gill asks that she not shoot the messenger: "Couldn't you just speak with them? They just want to feel involved." Peggy softens her tone and agrees, and even manages to refrain from rolling her eyes after she hangs up.

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