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Harry's smoking (heh) and watching a "Fresh" deodorant commercial when Joan enters and asks if she can be of assistance. Harry's confused, so Joan tells him that she got a memo from Roger saying Harry needed help with his workload. I'd imagine after his intervention on Jane's behalf, a memo is about the only thing he'd dare to throw Joan's way. Harry sulks, because that's not what he wanted, but Joan doesn't indulge him, saying that they're spread pretty thin. Warren returns from cleaning out the commissary or whatever and gets all tongue-tied over Joan, who at least does him the favor of knowing his name. Harry sighs that he needs someone both to run their commercial scripts past the network for approval and to read the network scripts for him to be sure SC's clients aren't misrepresented. Joan says she doesn't feel comfortable sending her girls out of the building (safety's probably one reason, but having seen quite a few of them I don't know if they could be trusted to find their way back from an unfamiliar place) but she will find someone to read the scripts. Harry confides that he just wants to be able to get home to his pregnant wife at a reasonable hour, and Joan, with a note of curiosity that wasn't there before, checks out the pile of scripts on Harry's desk and asks exactly what the clients are looking for. Harry says they just want to avoid potential problems -- "if a kid's pushing away his dinner in disgust, just make sure it's not Gorton's Fish Sticks. People can't be coughing and dying right before a Lucky ad -- things like that." Joan thinks it sounds interesting, which couldn't be more in character, because what Harry's talking about is having a producer's mindset, and if SC has a Supervising Producer, it is Miss Joan Holloway. After he warns her that Maytag is "very sensitive to communism" (hee), she heads out with the pile of scripts, leaving Warren to bemoan the fact that he can't talk to Joan the way Harry does. "She's so much woman." Indeed, and we'll soon be finding out why.

It's dinner party time, and as Sally hops around for the adults' pleasure, Betty, Carla by her side, looks at the dinner table with satisfaction and hands off her apron. I think the chair at the head of the table is different from the others, which is a nice nod to her little meltdown earlier. Sally finishes up, and after the applause, Betty proudly says that she's going to be Piglet in a production of Winnie The Pooh. "It's all very professional-looking." In attendance are Roger, Mona, Crab, and his boozy wife, who cuts in front of Roger with her drink order. Man or woman, that seems like a good way to lose something. Betty sends the kids to bed as the doorbell rings, and it's Duck, bearing a large bouquet of flowers and apologies for being late. "My date canceled." Betty tells him he should have called, as she might have been able to find someone else for him, and then hands the flowers off to Carla as Don and the kids appear. Duck of course remembers Sally from her trip to the office, and if he knows that she left tanked, he has the good grace not to say anything. He then greets Bobby, who adorably hides behind Don before getting escorted up the stairs by his mother. Duck reiterates his apology to Don, saying he didn't want to come stag. Don doesn't think anyone cares, but Duck isn't so sure. "My wife hated odd numbers." She wasn't in the habit of smashing chairs, then. Duck greets Roger and Mona and then meets Crab and "Petra," with Roger handling the introductions: "Crab, Duck. Duck, Crab." I hope they named these two characters in anticipation of this moment. Don offers Duck a drink, and he opts for tomato juice, to which Petra practically slurs her disapproval. Talk turns to boating, with Crab eventually asking Don if he and Betty are going to join "Willow Oaks" or not. "We're lonely!" Before Don can answer, however, Betty enters and summons them all for dinner, and they head in, with Duck making up for lost time by talking to Crab about Rogers & Cowan. Roger notices, and hangs back to comment to Don, "He does everything you need him to do, you know?" Also, Petra bangs her head into the wall on the way in, settling the question of who's going to be the Party Drunk.

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