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Women On The Verge Of Kicking Some Ass

Later, Betty opens the door to the bedroom and looks in at Don. He's turned away from her, though, and she disgustedly exits. However, when she's gone, he opens his eyes. Oh, is someone not going to get a good night's sleep now? I'm so sorry!

Betty goes into the kids' room and lies down next to Sally. That is so freakin' sad I don't even know what to say about it.

In the morning, Betty's smoking at the kitchen table with the kids, still in the dress she wore the evening before. Don enters with a too-bright greeting, and Sally tells him Betty said the party was fun. Okay, scratch what I said earlier -- that is so freakin' sad I don't even know what to say about it. Seeing that his wife looks like hell, having had no sleep and also clearly been crying, Don does the caring thing: He leaves.

Inside the entrance to SC, Harry is exchanging light talk about his wife's pregnancy with two guys from Maytag. Joan appears, and when Harry introduces them to her, she soothingly asks, "Are we all better now?" Heh. One of the Maytag guys says that the process seems to be streamlined, and then realizes that he talked to Joan on the phone. Harry adds that Joan is handling Broadcast Operations, and they appreciatively leer at her. Now, I don't know, looking at the bigger picture, whether it would have made sense to use Joan on a permanent basis in this position -- it's not like she doesn't have plenty of other stuff to do around here. But you'd think that in making his decision, Harry might have taken into account how "SPROING!" these guys got over her.

Betty steels herself with a drink and goes on a mission to find hard evidence (sorry) of Don's infidelity. First she goes through all the clothes in his (walk-in, sigh) closet, even smelling them. Then we cut to her in his study, rifling through his desk. She comes across a Yahtzee scorecard with "What do women want? Any excuse to get closer. Right Guard" on it. Heh, nice ironic callback. Betty isn't amused, however, and keeps looking.

Pete brings two Heineken guys into the conference room, where Don and Duck greet them. Pete offers them a Heineken, and the guy who's allowed to speak is like, "It's eleven AM!" Good thing Freddy's not around to exhale in their general direction. Everyone takes a seat, and Pete reiterates how their research shows that people are drinking more in the home. They're still skeptical, but Don tells them how they targeted wealthy suburban markets with "woman-friendly end-aisle displays," and what they put out sold well, and to the demographic they expected. Duck chimes in about Betty doing the dinner-party setup while unaware of Heineken's relationship with SC, and the guy replies that it's not exactly scientific evidence. "Although it sounds like you do know your wife." Well, if Don didn't flinch when Betty confronted him, I wouldn't expect him to here, but even if it's not genuine, the "Well, yes I do" smile he has plastered on really should be smacked off by someone. Duck goes on that Betty represents everything they're after -- she's well-educated, rich, and has plenty of time to shop. "And it's important to her that she's the perfect hostess. The perfect wife." He goes on that they'd even like to use her round-the-world menu in selected ladies' magazines, an idea that finally gets the guy to perk up. After a little more pushing, he agrees to the print idea, saying they can start regionally. "See how some strangers' wives feel. You know, ones that aren't about to get divorced." Some of that may have been implied.

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