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Don's down on the couch in the middle of the night when Betty, finally having cleaned herself up, wakes him. She tells him she doesn't want things to be like this, and he returns the sentiment. He tells her again that nothing happened, but she notes that he's finally looking her in the eye. "You never do that. You never say you love me." He denies that, even telling her he says it all the time, but I feel I have to side with her here, having, you know, WATCHED THE SHOW. I mean, it's possible his meaning is that he says it in non-verbal ways, but that's hardly any truer so it's completely irrelevant. She asks if he hates her, and this finally seems to penetrate him, as with a tiny note of desperation, he says he loves her. "I do. And I love the children. I don't want to lose all this." Betty considers this, and then leaves the room without a word.

Father Gill has come to SC to meet with Peggy, and, observing this, Pete asks Ken, "Did we get Miracle Whip?" HA! I do not know how Pete always gets the most hilarious lines, but I can tell you I would love to see Vincent Kartheiser in a comic role sometime. Ken jokes that it makes sense, since Peggy is an undercover nun, and Pete laughs like he didn't bang her in his office that time.

Some young nerdy guy is doing that "tell a punchline with no leadup" TV convention that I loathe so, and once Harry gives the requisite chortle, Joan appears, having been summoned. Harry introduces Joan to "Dan," and says he's going to be in charge of Broadcast Operations. Joan's face freezes: "Excuse me?" Oblivious to the perfect storm that's manifesting right before him, Harry tells her that he really appreciates her having filled in, and asks if she can train Dan right then and there. She gives Dan a quick-and-dirty rundown of what she's been doing, but gets lost for a moment in the middle, probably because she's wondering if anyone would notice if she ripped Roger's tongue out through his ass. If his name weren't on the door, I'd wonder myself. Does he actually do anything? Dan asks if Joan will be around to "help with the details," and she covers up admirably as she says yes. Harry thanks her again, and she leaves. Wow, what a development -- Joan, who always scoffed at Peggy's desire to break through the glass ceiling, is now hitting her fabulous red mane right against it. I hope, for his sake, that her fiancé somehow senses that this is not a good day to ask her why dinner is late.

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