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A Tale Of Two Cities

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Don's Ghosts, Coast To Coast

Joan's having a sandwich at her desk when Meredith enters and tells her Pete would like to see her in the conference room. Joan looks uncharacteristically apprehensive as she pauses for a moment before asking what it's regarding, whereupon Meredith tells her that Avon sent over a box of samples for the girls, "and Diane opened it, not me." Hee. I'll say one thing about this place -- the support staff always grows on you. Joan says she'll be right in... Pete's barking for all the women to clear out. Meredith enters and tells Pete that Joan will be right there, before wisely bailing herself. When Joan appears, Pete spits that he'd like to know, referring to the note that accompanied the box, when Joan had a "productive breakfast," and goes on that she and Peggy ditched him. Joan absolves Peggy of any blame, but starts to hide behind "some confusion," which Pete rightly doesn't buy for one moment. Peggy then enters, and Pete wonders if she's come to laugh at what a fool he was too, but Peggy evenly tells him he upset the girls, who had nothing to do with this. Joan asks if the point shouldn't be that Avon is happy, to which Pete and his best lemon-sucking face remark that he's sure Joan's making Andy very happy. Joan snarls that it's better than being screwed by Pete, and Pete doesn't have an answer for that, so he goes to do what he does best -- tattle. When he's gone, Peggy tells Joan to let her handle Ted, but Joan's made up her mind to face the music, so she sits down purposefully, whereupon Pete returns with Ted in tow. Ted asks Joan if she really met with Avon without inviting Pete, and although Peggy tries to stand with Joan, Pete and Ted send her off.

When she gets outside, she gets a sneaky look on her face and hustles into Joan's office and shuts the door. In case you've forgotten your [NAME] geography, Joan's office borders the conference room, and although you can't see between them, there's still a functioning speaker into Joan's office that Peggy now activates. Meredith wanders in, and Peggy shushes her...

...while inside, Pete is saying that he takes no issue with Joan thinking of Andy as "her" client, but she still breached the fundamental rules of their business: The account exec is supposed to sign the business and then send his junior to maintain it. "The whole thing falls apart if I send you to the store to get cake and you eat it on the way home!" Ted asks if Joan really tried to squeeze Pete out, and Joan looks like she doesn't know what to say...

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