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Don's Ghosts, Coast To Coast

Outside, Roger compliments Bertram's work, but Bertram confesses he had nothing to do with it. Pete, however, lingers in Don's office and closes the door before asking if he really has no problem with the proposal. Don tells him he doesn't, and again seems to mean it, but Pete spits that the name concession is a consolation prize. "It's a gravestone to our resistance." He tells Don they're not in the same business as they were, to which Don merely replies that maybe it's time to get out, then. Having no answer to that, Pete stomps out as Don asks Dawn to get Megan on the phone for him...

...and then we see Pete wander into the Creative lounge and sit next to Stan, who's toking up, as it is among his waking hours. Pete grabs the joint out of his hand, and when Stan leaves in a huff (puff?), Pete sits and takes a drag off the thing as Janis Joplin's "Piece Of My Heart" kicks up. The action slows down to three-quarter speed, which would seem indulgent if we hadn't already seen Hippie Megan and PFC Def Leppard, but while I don't know that I see this development as being as significant as the show seems to, anything that makes Pete clench like ten percent less hard seems like an overdue development.

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