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Don's Ghosts, Coast To Coast

Joan comes in to see Peggy and, after asking for a drink, gushes about the fact that she has a lead on a potential client, and it's no wonder, given Peggy's "OHHHH" reaction when Joan tells her what company he represents. And it's of course endearing to see Joan's usual knowing air give way to untempered enthusiasm, but she admits to Peggy that while Avon is amazing, she doesn't quite know what to do with the opportunity, since Andy is leaving town the next day. Peggy suggests she set a meeting, but Joan points out Don isn't there, "and I don't want to get kicked off the diving board." Peggy's eyes narrow in thought for a moment before she offers to take it to Ted, as he plays fair. Joan wonders what she even should ask for, so Peggy tells her she could be the Account man, and Joan beams at the thought. Peggy assures Joan that Ted loves new business, so they head out. Joan, I'd be thrilled for this to work out for you, but if you're going to be an Accounts man, you've got to knock back your drink before leaving the room.

Peggy and Joan track Ted down in front of his office, but when Peggy tells him what's up, his first move is to have Moira call Pete to join them. While they wait, Ted pronounces the Avon lead "very groovy," and then when Pete appears, Ted tells him that as the Head of New Business (Pete whines, "I don't want that!"), he needs to reel in Joan's lead with Peggy on Creative. Joan gives Peggy a somewhat despairing side-eye as Ted takes off, while Pete, his brain catching up with his ears, notes that Avon is Fortune 500 before telling Joan to brief him and set the meeting. Joan tries to protest that she should be there too, but Pete informs her that "this is how things get botched," and she should leave the initial meeting to him and Peggy; if a visit to the office ensues, Joan can be the one to show the client around. Joan and Peggy argue the point with him a bit, but Pete assures Joan she'll get all the credit before heading upstairs, taking Peggy with him. Peggy throws a look both apologetic and displeased over her shoulder at Joan, who looks fairly defeated...

...but let's not dwell on that, since Harry, Roger and Don are arriving to the "Vista Del Mar" hotel, and although he's not the one driving, I think it reflects Roger's insouciance that they pull up in a shiny red Mustang convertible. But no, seems like that was actually Harry's decision, as Don points out that Harry might want to get rid of it, considering there's a small chance someone from GM might reside within the city limits. Don and Roger aren't particularly impressed with Harry's L.A. shtick, even when he brings up a party with all kinds of movie moguls they can go to the next day. Roger then tries to get Don to go to dinner on the Sunset Strip, and even forty-five years ago, if it's rush hour they might just as well go back to New York as make that drive, so it's no wonder Don begs off with a comment about how he wanted to sleep on the plane, "but somebody wouldn't stop talking." Hee. He and Roger leave Harry, and it's nice that he agreed to come along in a chauffeur capacity. I wonder if Roger and Don bought him a seat or just checked him with their Samsonite.

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