Mad Men
A Tale Of Two Cities

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Don's Ghosts, Coast To Coast

In her pajamas, Joan enters the living room with a laundry basket in hand and starts folding some clean clothes but pays attention to the TV when it starts showing coverage of the Chicago demonstrations that erupted in violence. She looks horrified...

...while Don, watching in his hotel room, appears rather ragged himself, if more physically than emotionally. The phone rings, and it's Megan, who disbelievingly asks if he's watching. He replies that it's hard to believe no one got killed, but she notes that that's hardly the only terrifying measure available. After we see some really disturbing footage of one protester literally getting dragged through the street, Don makes a joke about Conrad Hilton probably being in the hotel, but Megan's in no mood, starting to cry as she says that while she may not be a citizen, this place of such unrest is her home. Don apologizes, and after collecting herself, Megan asks him to be careful, but he assures her he's not going anywhere and that he misses her. She suggests he go for a swim, as it always makes him feel better, and there is evidence to back up that assertion, but she didn't see that ad of his from the season premiere either. They silently remain on the line for a bit longer as the protesters loudly chant that the whole world is watching, but eventually they get off the phone. The TVs remain on, though.

Peggy's first to arrive in the restaurant like the apple-polisher we all know she is, and then Joan turns up, to Peggy's delight -- until she hears that, "Pete couldn't make it." Peggy wonders how they're going to handle this, but Joan assures her it won't be a problem, so Peggy then offers that she didn't know Ted was going to handle the Avon news that way. Come to think of it, after last episode it is kind of surprising she gave him the benefit of the doubt. Joan, still tender about it, says that she never got around to inviting Pete, and Peggy barely has time to catch flies before Andy appears and apologizes for being late, explaining he was trying to check out. Joan solicitously smiles that if he were a client, they would have attended to that for him, and he smiles in assent.

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