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Oh, Canada

Megan, looking decidedly less thrilled than she did the night before, exits the conference room and runs right into Peggy, who congratulates her warmly and without a trace of equivocation. Then seeing that Megan's not out of her head with joy, she encourages her to celebrate, saying she doesn't know what the Canadian equivalent of baseball is, but she just hit a home run. Megan: "We have baseball." I know Daniel is shaking his head in empathy right now. Peggy, her enthusiasm undiminished, tells Megan she knows what she did, and it's huge, and when she did it, "they" acted like it happens all the time, but it doesn't. She goes on that she herself obviously failed to get it done with Heinz, and by rights she should be jealous, but she's just really proud of Megan in a girl-power way ("It's a good day for me," she hilariously adds), and she should enjoy what she's done. "And believe me, this is as good as this job gets." I love how one of Peggy's consistent character traits is the ability to think she's helping while making something worse, although at least she's defined the problem for Megan sharply here. Megan looks at least like she appreciates the effort, and the dynamic is rather poignantly ironic given how she laid into Peggy for being so cynical a few episodes ago. Then again, I'm inclined to cut anyone a break for their behavior when their parents are staying with them.

Presumably the next day, Don emerges in his robe to find Bobby in his pajamas and Emile fully dressed. When he asks where everyone is, Emile absently tells him that "the girls" went out, and Bobby is helping him fill his fountain pen. Don looks at his son and sees black ink everywhere, and not just on the newspaper laid between the pen and the carpet. Don's delivery of "Thanks, Emile," is sublime, but still: White carpet, Don. You were well aware you were asking for this. The women enter, all six arms full of bags and boxes, but Don doesn't even have time to start computing the damage before Megan prompts Sally to ask "Papa" if she can come to the awards thingy. Don's amused by her French pronunciation, and Sally presses her advantage, saying she got a dress. However, when Marie offers, "Every daughter should get to see her father as a success," Emile angrily pounds the table in front of him with his fist and yells in French, "You won't be happy until I'm dead!" Megan winces, but Marie, unbowed, shoots back in the same language, "Who will cry? Your girlfriend?" Yikes, but it's probably good for Sally's emotional development to be aware that the ugliness she witnessed between her own parents is hardly unique. Don't worry, I'm not going to defend some of the other forms of education she receives in this episode. Marie follows the stomping Emile into the bedroom, and after the door slams, Don, surely to ease the tension as much as anything else, gives Sally leave to join them. She's thrilled, and asks if she can show Don her dress, but the sounds of muffled shouting in French cause Don and Megan to exchange a worried look, and Don tells the kids to put the TV on before he and Megan head into the back...

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