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At The Codfish Ball

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Oh, Canada

...and then the group of them are walking into the ballroom, with Sally disappointedly noting that there's no staircase. With this group, the insurance probably wouldn't cover it. As Pete approaches, Roger makes a joke at his expense to Sally, and then Pete tells her she looks lovely before he whisks Don off to meet "Ed Baxter," Ken's father-in-law, who you'll remember is RAY WISE. Don takes Megan along with him to greet Ed, whom he thanks, but Ed tells him he had to recuse himself from the voting, although Don does write "some stirring copy." Don informs Ed that Megan's quite a copywriter too, and Ed's voice drops conspiratorially as he says he should pretend otherwise, but Cynthia told him all about the Heinz dinner. Megan smiles graciously but then casts a nervous look over at her parents...

...while Roger is telling Sally about Ed being at Dow Corning. "They make beautiful dishes, glassware... napalm." Hee. Roger points out some other bigwigs before putting his arm around Sally's chair and telling her she's going to be his date; as such, she needs to put all the business cards he collects in her purse and exhort him with a "Go get 'em, tiger." Aw. Meanwhile, Emile is pointedly and skeptically asking Pete what it is he actually does. In response, Pete asks if Emile isn't a scholar, and when he gets an acknowledgement of that, says that he's actually heard Emile's a bit of a trailblazer. Emile responds favorably to the flattery, and I enjoyed this even more seeing where it was going; Pete adds that the world would be better off if it knew about the work Emile is doing. Emile sincerely tells Pete he's very kind, and Pete pauses theatrically before intoning, "That, Emile, is what I do every day." HA! Won't get tired of that one soon. To his credit, Emile chuckles heartily once he gets the joke, while across the table, Roger sees the entrées coming out and dashes off to try to talk to some people before they start eating. When he's gone, Marie laughs to Sally that her date is very resourceful, and in case that's not enough of a clue where the evening is headed, Sally looks down at her entrée and sees that it's a big old cod. She tries a bite of the rice underneath it and looks like she's going to gag, and given what's to come there are about fifteen different jokes that come to mind, all of which are beneath me to make. Much like Marie is about to be beneath... DAMMIT.

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