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Oh, Canada

...but for the moment, our eyes are going to be quite busy, as Sally, probably already having used the bathroom and now looking for Roger, opens a door and finds him, back to her in a chair and legs wide open, getting serviced by one Mrs. Calvet. And if one of Roger's lifelong dreams was to get an Earth-shaking blowjob, I'm pretty sure he can cross that off his list. I have to give props to Ms. Ormond, both in effort and execution here; that neck is looking positively boneless as she goes to town. Sally, however, is not quite old enough to appreciate such nuances, and beats a hasty, shocked retreat. Hopefully this is the last time she walks in on someone giving her date head, but I wouldn't count on it.

In other disappointments, Don is chatting with Ed, who's sufficiently lubricated to tell Don he should get off his business entirely. Don doesn't grasp Ed's meaning, saying that clients like his work, but while Ed agrees wholeheartedly, he laughs that they don't like him. Don's face falls, but Ed's tongue is still far ahead of his brain, and he goes on that "this crowd" will give him awards and all, but they'll never work with him after the letter. "I mean, how could they trust you, after the way you bit their hand?" Oh, shit, I admit this little unpleasant truth, I did not see coming, and Don didn't either, and when Ed finally digests the look on Don's face, his expression collapses as well, making me think he was telling Don all this at least partially in the spirit of commiseration rather than vindictiveness. He asks if Don wants another drink, and all Don can really do is weakly accept...

...and then he, Marie, and Sally drift back to join Megan and Emile in rounding out The Saddest Awards Table In The World. Given what just happened, you can understand why they didn't include Roger. The waiter asks Sally if she's done with her Shirley Temple, and from her response, it sounds like she's off them for life...

...and then, with everyone else in the apartment asleep, she's calling Glen, apologizing for waking him. He asks why she's whispering, and she tells him about "Bluto" breaking her foot and her being in Manhattan. He asks how the city is, and she takes a moment to consider: "Dirty." Kind of the flipside of the hellish view of the suburbs we got a couple episodes, no? See you next time.

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