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At The Codfish Ball

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Oh, Canada

Chez Draper, as the French people eat, Emile is making insulting comments about how much money Megan and Don obviously have, ignoring the reproaches of his wife. Don then arrives home with Sally and Bobby in tow, and Megan warmly greets the kids as her parents look on with winsome smiles. [Note: Clearly no one in the room has watched Desperate Housewives, otherwise they would be far less pleased to see that Bobby has grown up to be little M.J. Delfino, terrible child actor extraordinaire. -- Rachel.] Don breaks the news that Pauline broke her ankle, but proudly says it could have been a lot worse and prompts Sally to tell them what happened. Sally: "She tripped over one of Gene's toys." HA! This girl, I swear. No wonder she takes a shine to Roger. Don's like, no, not the part where you just lied through your teeth, and tells everyone that Sally called the police before getting her to take up the story again and explain that she elevated the ankle, put ice on it and kept Pauline calm until the police came. She doesn't mention whether she called Henry and Betty, but my view of human nature isn't so dim that I think they left Pauline in some Rye hospital all by herself. Although with the right combination of drugs, she probably wouldn't mind so much. In response to the likely stench that's in the air, Bobby tells Megan that Sally doesn't like fish, but Megan brightly replies that she made spaghetti as a reward. As she goes to get it, Marie recalls that she always made Megan spaghetti, as it was her favorite when she was a child. Don then starts to discuss the sleeping arrangements, but he's barely started before Marie suddenly appears pretty close to Pauline territory. At least she has the sense to excuse herself and look where she's going on the way to the bedroom. Bobby then asks Emile if he gives a lot of shots, and given what we just witnessed, I'll give Emile a point for refraining from making a crack at his wife's expense. Instead, he explains that he's a professor, and Don clarifies that when you have a high degree, you get to be called "Doctor." "It's from the Middle Ages." Emile: "That's right." Hee. Megan heads off to make sure Marie settled in okay, and the look on her face before she goes makes Don's eyebrows go north again. I can't imagine this is the first time he's met her parents -- the line about the cognac alone -- but I could see this being the first time he's gotten a good look at their true selves. And Don, you still want to learn their language?

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