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At The Codfish Ball

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Oh, Canada

...while Peggy, in a new dress (and double-stranded pearls, even!) turns up to the restaurant all aglow, which knowing this show has got to spell trouble. Abe gallantly pulls out Peggy's chair before telling her that the service there is great, but he asked the wait staff to leave them alone for a bit. Peggy first wants a drink, but thinks better of it, and instead gives Abe a big goofy smile. Aw. Abe nervously gets to what he came for -- they like being with each other, and it's getting to suck when they have to go to their separate corners, so he thinks they should... move in together. Oh, dear. Peggy at first thinks he might just be playing the proposal coy, and asks how on Earth they would ever do that, but Abe straightforwardly tells her it could work however she wanted, although her place would probably be better. It's awful to see her flinch now, and even though he goes on that he loves the idea of waking up next to her, of sharing the same space and exchanging a look while they work, of grocery shopping together, it's not what she thought was coming. Mistaking the look on her face for being overwhelmed by the decision on its own merits, Abe tells her she doesn't have to answer right away, but after a few moments, she takes his hand with a yes, and he wells up as he kisses her hand and tells her she's making him so happy. He then asks if she wants to eat, and she positively bites off her response: "I do." HA HA HA! The writing in this episode is absolutely razor-sharp, as is the look with which she fixes him when he regards his menu. Man.

It's time for the Heinz dinner; in attendance are Raymond his wife Alice, Don and Megan, and Ken and... Cynthia! Cynthia (I wish I could still call her Mulva) is saying how her dad is on the board of the ACS and told her the voting was unanimous for Don, and Raymond says that's great, but they're going to have to miss the shindig, as they're heading back to Pittsburgh "the minute I leave your office smiling." A quiet alarm goes off in the back of Don's mind, and when he tells Raymond that Ken got the Raymonds tickets to the new Edward Albee play, Raymond's response that they saw it the night before makes the alarm more insistent. Before things get any more awkward, though, the women head off to the ladies' to freshen up...

...wherein Alice tells Megan that she really likes her, and she wanted to tell her that because Raymond is putting on such a good show out there. We'll agree to disagree, Alice, but the point is that she was prepared not to like Megan, but she sees how good she is for Don, and she hopes they can continue to be friends. Whether she thought Megan already knew about this and is now merely missing her look of shock, or she's giving her a chance to save the account and as such is willfully ignoring said look, is for you to decide...

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