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Oh, Canada

...but Megan has the good sense, upon returning to the table, to put her arm around Don in a convincing display of affection while whispering in his ear, "We're getting fired." Don only betrays his own shock for a couple of moments, which is all he has to work with, because Raymond turns down the oblivious Ken's offer of a nightcap and says they're going to turn in. Don tries to hold him with talk about how he's saving him and Megan from kids and in-laws, but he's getting nowhere until Megan puts on a sunny smile and says that Don may joke about having a house full of people, but he loves it, then going full-on Samantha in Bewitched as she prompts, "Don?" Don gapes at her like the Darrin he's suddenly become, but when Megan's like, you know, tell them about last night, he pulls his eyes out of the headlights and animatedly starts talking about the three generations of women they had in the room, completely lying that beans were served instead of spaghetti. Megan, with the perfect amount of breathless wonder, says that she thought she'd done something wrong because Don was staring at them so carefully, and isn't it just deliciously ironic that this moment is showing off Megan's acting abilities so well? She goes on that it was because she'd given Don this idea, and Don turns his smile up to eleven as he acknowledges that; hilariously, Ken's still on Planet Clueless and asks if Don really wants to talk about this now, and Don's answering "Shut up, Spock, we're rescuing you" look is quite the thing to behold. Raymond shows signs of life in telling Ken to let Don talk, and Don, emboldened, gives the impression that well, this is just off the top of his head, but how about starting with a mother and daughter in prehistoric caves, then moving on through the ages. Raymond and Alice sit spellbound, and Raymond, like a kid hearing a story he likes, asks if it would all be the same mother and child, and Don and Megan exchange a total "I coulda had a V-8!" look as Don, dripping faux-wonder, says they hadn't even thought of that. Awesome. Don gets on to the moon, adding that "that part" was Megan's, and Megan wraps it up by saying that we're all so busy, and that probably will always be true, "but a mother and child? That'll never change." Just at this moment, Cynthia asks a passing waiter for more coffee, and Ken, now within the sphere of influence of the pitch, loudly shushes her, to her chagrin. Heh. Raymond says he'd like to see the artwork and think about it, but even Alice is like, "Oh, come ON!" at this point, opining that it's exactly what he was looking for, which is impossible to dispute. Ken suggests they get in the elevator, go down eleven floors (Raymond did mention that he thought only Time-Life people were allowed to eat there, so they're in the Hemisphere Club), and look at the work right now, but Raymond's response makes it sound like that won't even be necessary: "It's the future. That's all I ever wanted." It's true, and Conrad Hilton would be proud that Don finally got an ad campaign on the moon. Ken suggests they get some champagne, Raymond agrees, and if Alice is at all taken aback by this development of events, she doesn't show it, and good for her. Don and Megan are happy...

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