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Oh, Canada

...and then positively jubilant as they get in a cab and start making out. Don bestows all kinds of admiration on her, saying that she knew what to do at every moment to save the account, while he was "just going to scream in his stupid face." Well, it would have been a waste without Peggy there to see it. He breathes that he wants her, but laments the fact that they won't be able to get it on comfortably at home. Megan brightly suggests they go back to the office, and it's a good thing it's a week off for Teyonah Parris, because she does not want to be on that couch tonight.

Whatever unspeakable acts it may have been forced to witness the previous night, in the morning, the SCDP offices are still standing, and Peggy, in her My Grandmother car coat and hat, marches into the break room to get some coffee. Unfortunately, she doesn't even have time to take a sip and spin her speech before Joan enters and tells her there's champagne in the conference room, as "Don and Megan" sold Heinz. All Peggy can do is nod, though, and between her face and the lack of a ring on her finger, Joan guesses that maybe she's not in the most festive mood. But while I can't think of many things more depressing that drinking champagne when you're sad, Peggy gives faking it the old college try, saying that what happened was actually better than a proposal (in your business, hon, you should stay away from overselling), and they're moving in together. However, when Joan raises a surprised (and at least partially impressed) eyebrow at Peggy's "shacking up," Peggy's act threatens to collapse. But Joan won't let it, and you can see it's tough ground for her to cover, but she tells Peggy that it sounds like Abe wants to be with her no matter what. Peggy smiles in relief, and not that we didn't know this already but it's nice to be reminded of, despite their sometime adversarial relationship, how highly she sets store by Joan's opinion; she admits she thought Joan was going to be disappointed for her, but Joan sincerely tells her she thinks Abe's idea is very romantic, and by the way, a marriage certificate didn't exactly make her husband value her more than his career. Peggy expresses sympathy, but Joan seems a bit more philosophical about the whole thing now, opines that Peggy is brave, and pulls her in for a sincere embrace. If Joan's on the market for more than a few months, the men of fictional 1966 New York need to WAKE UP.

Hey, how about that champagne? In the conference room, Ken is telling the boys the war story from the night before, with Harry predictably interrupting to finish the story, resulting in Ken irritatedly snapping, "You weren't even there!" Even this joke is ground we've covered with Harry; it's exhausting. Stan takes the time to congratulate both Don and Megan warmly, and when Megan claims beginner's luck, Stan gives her a "Girl, please" look before heading back toward the champers. Megan then takes off to share the news with Peggy while Ken asks Pete if he'd like the pleasure of telling Lane, but Pete says he earned it; besides, they're still about fifteen grand out of pocket on the account, the implication being that Lane's excitement is likely to be tempered. I thought the "besides" was going to be followed by something like "my face still hurts when I look at him," so I guess it's nice that the reason Pete's declining to visit him is a bit more mundane.

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