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Where Have You Gone, Dick Whitman?

Back in his office, Don gets Peggy on the intercom and asks her to clear his afternoon. She reminds him of an appointment he has, but he tells her to have a box of cigars sent over to the client with his apologies. He gets up to go, but Frederick and Salvatore enter at that moment, with Frederick heading straight for the bar. So much booze gets consumed in this office that even Jack London would be impressed. Frederick tells Don that Peggy is full of surprises, and calls her "pretty Peggy Sue." Don: "I try to avoid eye contact to avoid being blinded by the earnestness." I suppose it's just as well the lights were off for Betty's little speech earlier, then. Frederick rehashes the things Peggy said, and Don seems intrigued. They then look out at Peggy's back as Frederick remarks that hearing her brainstorm was like "watching a dog play the piano." I believe that's a play on an old saying, the idea being that while the dog plays the piano badly, it's amazing that he can do it at all. Not that it's not mean, but it's mean with a purpose, and I probably don't have to tell you that we kind of go for that around here. We get an exterior shot of Peggy smilingly accepting some files with the boys watching her, and then Don chuckles to himself at the turn of events. It won't be so funny when you're fetching her coffee, bub.

An auburn-haired woman answers her phone and finds Rachel at the other end; she turns out to be her sister "Barbara," but I don't believe we've seen her before. After a mention of Barbara's daughter being asleep, Rachel tells her that she thinks she might have met someone, although he has "some serious limitations." Also, he's married. Rachel tells her sister that their Dad would hate him, causing the sister to sigh, "So he's not Jewish." I guess she missed the opening scene. Barbara tells Rachel it doesn't matter what their dad thinks, and learns that Don has a full head of hair and is sometimes funny, "after a couple." He's also sometimes a misogynistic asshole, such as when you first met, but that was way back in the first episode and I'm surprised I even remember it. Rachel confesses that her attraction to Don is getting hard to resist, although she wants to deny it, and sometimes in life, good things come, but there's no future in them. As her kid wakes up and starts crying, Barbara counters that she'd do anything for some romance right now. Well, knowing Don, he probably wouldn't have any problem with dating both of you at once.

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