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Smoke Does Not Get In Your Eyes… well he might, given that in the break room, Harry is rattling off a list of potential clients that called about the ad. Hilariously, Danny asks if Don is going to quit smoking, prompting Stan to sigh, "You're an idiot." Savor those while you can, Stan. Ken pipes up that he heard from all his clients that morning, and while it was mostly "morbid curiosity," they're certainly not talking about Lucky Strike anymore, which Peggy obviously thinks was the point. However, Harry complains that they're going to fire everyone, and then Bertram appears and tells them it was a pleasure working with all of them, and you know I love the guy but (a) he hasn't had a thing to do this entire season, so maybe writing him out is a smart decision, and (b) I would bet a sum of money I don't even have that he doesn't know the names of half the people currently in the room. When he's gone, Stan is awesomely like, "I didn't think they'd start with him." Hee. Megan then appears and summons Peggy to see Don, and after the room freezes, she gets up and starts walking like she's on the Green Mile...

...but she's immediately relieved when Don asks her whom she can live without. After taking a moment to collect herself, she singles out Danny, "though he's kind of grown on me." I always thought he was hilarious, but I can see that he's kind of grown to fit in around there. Don tells her Pryce sent over some suggestions, and while there are a lot of names, the only ones we know are Danny and that other guy Bill who's had like one line the entire season. Peggy cautiously notes that that's a lot of people, and asks if they're going under, but he tells her no -- he just wanted her to know what's up in case they came to her. He then notes that she hasn't said anything about the letter, and she shows that despite all the turmoil, she'll always be ready to tell him what's what: "I thought you didn't go in for those kinds of shenanigans." They both smile at the callback, which is a nice moment of levity in an episode that could sure use it.

Betty's driving down the street when she just happens to catch sight of Sally, and when she observes her walk into a clearing and meet up with Glen, it is, as you can imagine, on. She bustles right over and asks what they're doing there, and after a deer-in-the-headlights moment, Glen drops the two sodas he's carrying and runs for minimum safe distance. She calls after him to stay away from Sally before manhandling her daughter out of there...

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