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...and then, when they get home, Betty informs Sally they won't be going back for her bike. Sally, calmly enough under the circumstances, says that Glen is just her friend and they don't do anything, but Betty tells her that Glen is a Bad Kid, and she knows him better than Sally does. Sally: "You don't know him at all." Betty does not really have any idea what to say to that, given that whatever interactions she's had with Glen are inappropriate to discuss with children and adults alike, so she settles for telling Sally to go to her room. If speed-dial existed back in this time, I'm betting Dr. Edna would be on Betty's.

Don and Megan, apparently having taken a trip to the coffee maker, return to Megan's area to find Faye waiting for them. Faye notes that Don is smiling, and he jokes that, indicating Megan, while the partners want to kill him, he has a bodyguard. Megan asks if Faye would like something, but Faye declines with a bit of brusqueness, and even though it's understandable just based on what we're about to hear I wonder if she's also feeling a bit territorial here. She and Don enter his office, wherein he notices that she's got a box of stuff, and she explains that they had to resign, as "Geoff Atherton wants another cigarette account someday." Don looks genuinely taken aback and says he didn't think about that, and Faye, pleasantly but pointedly, says she knows. But she's not really upset, nor should she be, because what he did is kind of the payoff of the season's theme - it's the biggest example of a character doing what he wanted to do rather than what was expected of him. Anyway, he apologizes, and after they kiss, she gives him his marching orders - he's going to finish the day and then meet her for dinner out in the open, wherever she wants, and they'll talk about anything but work, "because we can do that now." She adds that it's a fair trade, and after they kiss again, he suggests a time and place, to which she replies, "Sure. Have your girl make reservations." Yup, there's an undertone there, and this time even Don seems to catch it, but there's nothing really to say about it, so he opens the door...

...and then, on her way out, Faye stops in to say goodbye to Peggy, who was unaware of this development and is chagrined, asking who's going to do their research. Faye, not without humor, tells her she just lost one of her best jobs, and Peggy tells her she didn't mean to be insensitive -- it's just that she loves working with Faye, the obvious implication being that she respects and admires her as a career woman. She asks if they can have a drink, and when Faye says she just wants to get out of there, Peggy clarifies she didn't mean now, necessarily. "You do your job so well, and they respect you and you don't have to play any games." Faye smiles and asks if that's really what it looks like, and then offers that she's sure they'll work together again before shaking Peggy's hand and leaving. So, "no" on that drink idea, then?

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