Mad Men

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Smoke Does Not Get In Your Eyes…

Stan and Peggy are working in the break room when they observe two people leaving after having been freshly fired. They look at each other and share a moment of survivor's guilt before soldiering on...

...and then Danny and Don emerge from Don's office. Danny thanks Don for the opportunity, and Don sincerely says it was his pleasure. We then see that Bill is sitting in a nearby chair, and from the look on his face he might as well have grabbed a blindfold and a cigarette. Don calls him in, but before he can follow, he looks down the hall at all the devastated now-former employees waiting for the elevator. And that's the rather depressing way we leave to await the season finale.

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. You can email him at, follow him on Twitter at, or get information about his most recent film "East Fifth Bliss," starring Michael C. Hall, at

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