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...but later, in his office, Roger tells Bertram that they should be pursuing bigger business. Bertram, however, thinks the enormous cost of doing so is unlikely to be worth it, given the extreme unlikelihood of luring any big fish into their net. Elsewhere, Pryce tells Pete that their payroll will be beyond their means as of the next billing cycle, and they're going to have to start downsizing. Meanwhile, Harry's worried that he won't be left with any media budget, and Ken wonders how he's even going to be able to pay for his wedding. Pete, however, has faith that Don can make rain with Phillip Morris... let's go to the man in question sitting with Faye, who lets us know that Marlboro used to be Phillip Morris's women's cigarette before dropping her voice and telling Don that the Heinz guy was very impressed with him. Don at least sincerely thanks her for that despite it going nowhere immediate, and then expresses even more gratitude for the current lead. Faye, who's clearly made her peace with all this, tells him that Geoff's excited, and then encourages him to study the materials before shaking his hand for show and telling him that she has dinner plans, but he should call her that night, "even if it's just to work." And if a little phone sex happens, so much the better. I mean, I'm sure the operator would appreciate her night being spiced up.

Ah, here's who I was referring to before, as there's a hill denizen in a football uniform...oh, fine, it's Glen. He and Sally are out by some abandoned shack somewhere trading shrink stories, and he tells her "psychiatrists are easy to fool," which makes me wonder just how much of a sociopath this kid is going to turn out to be. Sally, however, tells him Dr. Edna is smart, but Glen asks her if she told her to kiss her mom's ass, and when Sally laughs a no, he gloats, "So who's smarter, me or her?" Hmm, I guess the implication is that he's the one responsible for the dinner idea, or at least the sentiment behind it. And here I thought his suggestions would involve ground glass in Betty's salad or something equally nefarious. Glen offers Sally a cigarette, which she declines, and then asks if she talks to Betty about him. Sally: "I did...I don't anymore." Heh. Glen opines that Betty doesn't like kids, but Sally demurs, and when Glen points out that she's always saying how mean Betty is, Sally's reasoned response is this: "So what?" It is interesting that she defends Betty here, though; I think it suggests that she's realizing via therapy that her relationship with her mother is rather complex and as such shouldn't be reduced to a simple "I hate her." Of course, she may change her mind about that by the end of the episode. After a few moments of looking at the sky, Sally tells Glen she has to go, and he tells her, "See you later, alligator." Sally leaves without responding "After a while, crocodile," which is the clearest sign I've ever seen that she was raised by wolves.

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