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Roger thinks the air of desperation is due to them going after such small potatoes, and Pete barks about the work he's been doing while Peggy hilariously puts an ear to her wall to listen in, although the volume seems high enough to me that even Joyce is probably getting it all loud and clear. In a more subdued tone, Pryce tells them he met with the bank out of caution, and they're willing to extend SCDP's line of credit to the tune of "six months or so," but on two stringent conditions: One, the senior partners each will have to put a hundred grand up as collateral, with Pete and Pryce also on the hook for fifty each. And two, there will have to be massive layoffs. As we see that Ken and Harry have followed Peggy's lead, Pete, still stuck on the first thing, flatly refuses, but Bertram points out that it's an obligation of his partnership contract. Pete tries to tell them that if they make it to cold and flu season, Vick's will carry them for a while, but Pryce tells him the money is absolutely necessary even though it's a financial hardship for him as well. I'd hope so, considering the total amount the bank is requiring, four hundred grand, is over $2.7 million accounting for inflation. Not chump change even for people who dress as well as these guys do. Bertram thinks they never should have gotten these fancy offices, but Roger spits out that if they move now, they'll only look more desperate, and Don, frustrated at being on the Creative side when it's the Accounts people that are going to save or kill them, tells them to give him a call when they figure it out and then leaves. With that attitude, I'm surprised no one asked, "But you are good for the hundred grand, right?"

Sally is telling Glen about a flying dream she had, and she nonchalantly tells him it felt like she was going to heaven, "except I don't believe in it." Even world-weary Glen is thrown by that one, but Sally says she's only bothered when she thinks about death being for, you know, forever. "Like the Land O'Lakes butter has that Indian girl sitting holding a box, and it has a picture of her on it holding a box, with a picture of her on it holding a box." I cannot believe this conversation is occurring in the sixties and acid isn't involved. Anyway, Glen smiles as he admits she just freaked him out a little, and then Sally takes off with the promise that she'll save her Fritos for him. Aw, cute! And I never thought I'd say that about a scene involving Glen!

Don's having a drink in his office when Pete barges in, having ignored Megan on the way. Don tells her it's all right, and after she's closed the door, Pete tells him that Morris only agreed to the meeting with them to leverage a better deal with Burnett. Don doesn't know why Pete is bothering clarifying the method in which they just got fucked, so Pete gets to his real point, which is that he doesn't know why he's "being punished" (I assume he's referring to the fifty grand) for being practically the only one with any accounts left. Less heatedly, he confesses that he doesn't have the money, but Don tells him he's doing everything he can. "Get me in a room." Megan then buzzes that Peggy is there, and after she and Pete trade places, she tells Don that all the employees are waiting in the conference room, as they didn't know if they should leave or what, but Don replies that it doesn't much matter what they do at the moment. Peggy asks what he thinks of SCDP changing their name, invoking his advice to Caldecott Farms, but Don tells her it's pointless - they have no new direction in which to go, and they can't do anything anyway because they're Creative, "the least important most important thing there is." Dismayed by his feelings of powerlessness and pessimism, Peggy leaves without another word, and I notice that Don is not exactly charging anyone with stopping him drinking today. Fair enough, not handing out fool's errands in this environment.

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