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Don goes on to list several agencies that do tobacco well - BBDO and Burnett are mentioned, as well as CGC - and then, as we cut to a crowd in the SCDP break room, Stan finishes up: "As for us, we welcome all other business, because we're certain that our best work is ahead of us. Sincerely, Donald F. Draper, Creative Director, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce." Another mystery about Don - what does the "F" stand for? I MUST KNOW! Don arrives at the office to admiring looks from some of the rank-and-file, with Stan especially looking like he'd pop on a veil and say "I do" if Don asked the question at this moment. Megan also looks at him with awe before telling him that there have been many calls, mostly from reporters and citizens, but also from an "Emerson Foote," as well as people from the agencies he mentioned in the ad. Megan then tells him that the partners are waiting for him, as if we couldn't see them through the glass looking like they're going to launch themselves through it. Don, however, ignores them and retreats into his office...

...into which the other partners angrily stream. Roger, Pete, and Pryce berate him for doing what he did and for not consulting them, with Pete's voice predictably heading up into Alvin And The Chipmunks range. Don tells them that if they don't understand what he did, they shouldn't be in the ad business, but Bertram, in his usual patrician over-enunciated way, cries that he humiliated them by not putting their names on it. So...they're upset that he ran the ad, and also that they weren't involved? Sounds like a "The food's terrible! And such small portions!" position to take. Pete spits that Don "had a tantrum on a full page in The New York Times," prompting Don to ask if no one is really happy about this. Interestingly, and perhaps because he's remembered how this whole mess stared, Roger backs off a bit, muttering that at least Don's actions will at least make for a good enough reason for why SCDP went down, and then Megan enters and reverently tells them that Bobby Kennedy is on the phone for Don. Don picks up the phone, and I have to tell you I fell for this hook, line, and sinker, but after "Bobby," in a true Joe Quimby accent, tells Don how impressed he is, he eventually reveals himself to be Ted Chaough, who, between guffaws, thanks Don for putting his agency's name in with "the big boys."

Hilariously, when Don hangs up the phone, he tells them it was actually Eunice Kennedy, but Bertram is not amused as he calls Don "cynical and craven," tells him he knew he never had the stomach for a partnership, and quits on the spot. As I mentioned in the recaplet, I don't know if that means he's not going to fork over the hundred grand, but (a) this could just be a grand gesture to make a point rather than anything he's going to follow through on, and (b) he might have already given the money over. Pete and Roger follow Bertram out without another word, but Pryce lingers to tell Don that he'll need his contribution by close of business, "as it were." Don tells him his play could work, and he's certainly got the fact that no one else was doing anything effective on his side, but Pryce doesn't want to hear it: "You realize I've just moved my family back here." Really? One, how did you manage that, and two, what about your chocolate bunny? However, Don gets some support when Megan comes in and tells him that while she knows part of the ad's purpose was to put a "he didn't dump me, I dumped him" (her words) message out there, she likes that Don stands for something and is glad he did what he did. "It feels different around here." Don looks like he feels a bit better about the whole thing...

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