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Don arrives home again, bestirring Faye, who was asleep on the couch. She sits up and asks what time it is, and after he tells her it's midnight, he goes to his trusty bottle and offers her a drink. Faye: "Looks like you need both." And he doesn't mind if he does! He breaks the news to Faye, who's appropriately shocked, but her sympathy doesn't stop her from warning him off when he pours another shot, telling him he has to keep a clear head now. He at least desists from chugging, instead sighing raggedly that he's been trying to avoid thinking about this eventuality for ages. Faye opines that he's "the most hirable man on Madison Avenue," a subject on which I have to say the show has been remarkably wishy-washy this season, but rather than put up an argument, Don merely says he's not quite at that point yet. Isn't it heartening that one of the guys with his name on the door isn't about to run away after sitting with admittedly terrible news for a full two hours? Faye encourages him to sit back on the couch, and when he complies, she puts an arm around him and silently tries to comfort him. Don, look on the bright side - this means no more hastily-thrown-together and painfully-socially-awkward Christmas parties, right?

In the morning, Pete returns to the hospital, and his father-in-law Tom, still in his ugly golf outfit (Pete's is far more stylish; no plaid), tells him it's probably going to be another day, at least. Pete, looking fairly distraught, asks if he can see Trudy, but Tom, catching on, asks if Pete's been drinking. And if that's the case, I wonder if he and Bertram got trashed together, and if so why we didn't get to see any of that. Tom mistakes Pete's anxiety as baby-related, and tells Pete to chill out, as he was at a baseball game when Trudy was born, but Pete, after some thought, decides to let him in on the Lucky Strike secret. Tom is like, "Okay, seriously, time to get your ass out of SCDP," and then elaborates that while Pete can be sure of having his account, he's got a family now, and by the way, with Clearasil over at CGC, he's been in a position to learn that Ted Chaough would love to have Pete. Pete literally is like, "I hate him," and adds that Chaough would only want him because of the blow it would strike to Don, but Tom tells him there's no reward in going down with the ship. Well, Tom, I think people do that not for reward but because they couldn't live with themselves otherwise. I mean, I didn't coin the expression or anything, but I think there's something there, you know? Anyway, after Pete firmly denies that he's interested in going anywhere, Trudy's mom comes out, tells them Trudy finally went to sleep, and then throws some shade Pete's (and, by extension, her husband's) way for not having been around all night. Pete abjectly apologizes, which is probably better than explaining what happened but still makes me feel bad for him. Pete, there will be plenty of time for guilt once your child is actually born!

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