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Hitting The Fan which he tells them that they're in some trouble, and while he and the other partners will be doing everything they can to drum up new business, Creative needs to hold on to what they have, which means that clients' ideas are to be praised more than usual. "For the next few weeks, the only words you know are "Yes, sir.'" I wonder if Megan overheard this and got confused. After telling Stan to babysit the Samsonite shoot that's going on, he gives Peggy her marching orders with respect to a Playtex presentation she's making the next day: "Be successful." Well, it's pretty sparse on the details, but I suppose "Tap into your newfound sexual confidence and let everyone know you're getting some" might be a bit much in front of a roomful of boys. Don then dismisses the men but holds Peggy back, cautioning her that they won't even know how bad things might be until Pryce returns, but he's counting on her. Peggy smiles at his confidence in her, and its not like he has much choice but it's still nice to see. When she's gone, Don takes a longing look at his bar, but ultimately decides to sit down and get to work. You know, Don, I don't know if "Out of sight, out of mind" will completely work in this case, but you could still try wheeling that thing out into the hall.

Roger calls Joan, who's all kindness and sympathy until he confesses his deception, saying that it's been over for weeks and Garner reneged on his promise to give them an extra month. Joan's shocked and appalled that he knew for all this time, and then wonders just what exactly she's supposed to do with this information, to which he pathetically replies that he just needed her to know why he has to see her now. My God, Roger, you're...burdening her with this information now so she can assuage your guilt, when there would be no need for either if you'd simply sucked it up and told your partners about a situation that was one hundred percent unchangeable? On top of everything else, how could you possibly think this is behavior to which Joan would be attracted? Agreeing with me, she icily and pointedly says she should go attend to all the work she has, although she does say she'll see when Roger begs her to come to his hotel when she's done. After she's hung up, she pulls out a cigarette with unsteady hands and stares into space, and if you ever needed a reason why you shouldn't put people in impossible situations just for the sake of unburdening yourself, you're looking at one here.

Peggy is telling Danny about her pitch, saying that her setup is good but she needs some Don-esque touches at the end, to which Danny flatly tells her to have Don write it, as they can't lose the account. Don't think that's the kind of help she was looking for, and yet it does have a certain unimaginative logic. Stan then joins them and says that Pete announced that anyone caught sending out a résumé would be "executed," and if that's the case I'd hope Pete would indulge in some poetic flair and sentence the offender to death by paper cuts. Peggy brings it back around to Playtex, saying her idea is that their gloves protect a woman's fingers so she can touch all the things she wants to touch, and I feel like "Insert your own joke here" takes on a whole new meaning in this case. Danny makes the same point with his "All the things?" and Stan snickers, but Peggy's back in dreamy post-coital land, and she says yes -- his lips, the hair on his chest, "the small of his back," and just so you know, we did get a shot of her caressing that part of his anatomy before we cut away from Abe last time. And speaking of whom, Abe appears pretending to have a package for Peggy, and again, the innuendo is too easy, so let's move ahead to her having left "to get cash for the delivery" with Abe in tow, at which point Danny notes that Peggy is "giving it off," which Stan thinks is understandable, as they're in "the last days of Rome. I was in an agency that went down. The women get sex-crazed. The energy is...very good." That's all very well for Danny, as long as he concentrates on the women who can actually see him. (Hey, the show started it!)

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