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Lane, who I think we haven't seen since he scored a bucket list exacta by punching Pete and kissing Joan, answers the phone at night in his bathrobe, in a manner furtive enough to suggest there's a kidnapper on the phone making ransom demands for his nonexistent son. However, it's just a bow-tied Englishman, who's called to give Lane the "good news" that the Hansard procedure negotiations have concluded and if Lane will only wire two thousand nine hundred pounds by that Thursday, the matter they're discussing will be settled and his slate will be clear with Inland Revenue (England's analogue to the IRS). Lane whisper-barks that he can't come up with eight thousand dollars in only two days, but the accountant/facilitator/negotiator/whatever patiently reminds him that he gave "Her Majesty's portion to a foreign power" and IR is keen to make an example of an expatriate, so he should be very glad of this news. This is odd -- most countries have agreements in place whereby if you pay income tax in the country of employment, the country of citizenship credits you for it. Maybe Lane had trouble making that arrangement with the new SCDP, but I wonder if he hasn't actually been paying income tax in the States either; either way, you want to shake your head at SCDP's finance guy being guilty of tax evasion, but you might as well not bother since we're only just getting started here. Lane casts about for pen and paper with which to write down the wiring instructions and by this time Rebecca has arisen and asks what's going on. With no need to modulate anymore, Lane yells at her to go back to bed and apparently having heard that tone before, she withdraws without a word. I'd be disappointed in her compliance if I didn't know the episode eventually hits its quota for righteous female anger and then some.

Harry tries to get "Scarlett" to help fix his TV reception, but Scarlett instead wants to discuss the fact that Paul Kinsey called "again" to try to get together and wonders what the problem is as he's very polite. These new girls, with their having no idea. Harry scoffs that he thinks Paul was on acid at Ken's bachelor party and I can only assume Roger wasn't invited, otherwise he'd have a new best friend. Scarlett adds that Paul kind of threatened to stop by, so Harry sighs that he'll meet him for coffee, whereupon Lane -- who entered during their conversation -- dismisses Scarlett and asks Harry if they can discuss the first-quarter media projections. Harry hands over the relevant paperwork and tries to stop Lane from licking his lips too much over the numbers by saying they're just projections that may never become commitments. Tellingly, Lane starts to leave with the projections in hand, but Harry calls him back for them as it's his only copy...

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