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Back at the office, with Lane and Roger in attendance, Bertram tells Pete that everyone is assembling for "the announcement," but Pete has some sobering news -- Mohawk's machinists are going on strike and despite the fact that they're going to continue to fly, they're suspending their advertising. Pete then gives the silver lining that Mohawk isn't leaving the agency, but the bottom has already fallen out of Lane's stomach even before Bertram sighs that this means they can't do bonuses. Lane tries to protest that three consecutive years of no bonuses will be a morale-killer, but Bertram's solution doesn't help him much: just the partners will defer, until January. I mean, obviously this seals Lane's fate -- his bonus being negotiated in a different calendar year than that of the other partners is something even the laziest accountant couldn't miss. Pete then asks, "Don, are you up to joining us?" Funny you should ask!

The partners enter the conference room, which is abuzz with chatter from all the other SCDP employees. At Roger's behest, Lane make the announcement about Mohawk, saying their suspension will put significant financial strain on the company, but after practically choking on the words, he tells them the partners have elected to defer their own participation so the staff can receive bonuses "for a job well done!" Nice save, Pryce. I didn't think the way Lane put all that was so inaccessible, but everyone just stares uncomprehendingly until Roger translates, "You're all getting Christmas bonuses and we aren't." Hee. Pete then steps forward with the news about pitching Jaguar and you can see Creative's eyes collectively light up; still, Pete seems to be expecting everyone to carry him off on their shoulders, so when that doesn't happen, he's left to awkwardly ask if anyone has anything else. Don pipes up that he'd like to say something and I'm not sure what Pete's expecting but his response of "Would you" is positively trepidatious. Maybe he's thinking Don's going to give the Christmas gift of resignation? Don, however, has been moved by Megan's words to care about work again and as such gives a rousing speech about how they should all prepare to take a great leap forward; there are six weekends before the pitch and they're all going to work them nonstop, as well as Christmas and New Year's. "And in the end, we will represent Jaguar and it will be worth it!" He goes on that every agency on Madison Avenue has been defined by the moment it got its car, and that's how it's going to be with them -- Jaguar will let the world know that SCDP has arrived. Glad of any excuse to get the hell out of Cos Cob, Pete leads the applause and then Don calls Creative into his office. I'd love to see Bertram's facial reaction to the news that he's going to be working what could well be his last holiday season, but instead, we leave after focusing on a shifty and helpless Lane as "Christmas Waltz" kicks up. See you next time.

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