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...but that doesn't stop Lane from going to, I'm assuming, SCDP's bank manager and asking for an extension to SCDP's credit limit to the tune of fifty grand. In between gulps of whiskey, the manager asks how the commitments look for '67 and when Lane explains that the commitments are firm but no one's been paying their bills on time, the guy agrees, just like that. Of all the ways this show has ever seemed period, getting a credit extension by whining a bit about cash flow is way up the list. The manager turns the subject to Christmas plans, but Lane hardly hears even the words that come out of his own mouth at this point...

...and when he leaves the bank (it's Chemical, btw) he takes a moment to stand on the steps and consider what's happened to his life before moving on. Hope that life membership to the Playboy Club was worth it! Honestly, I think this season is about people internalizing the idea that it's not okay to be content, but I'm not sure how Lane fits in; that weirdness with the guy's wallet and the Joan kiss at least coincide with the theme I described, but this storyline with the money feels like an attempt to draw a parallel to people's financial woes today and honestly, it's not really working for me. I'm sure Lane's not too thrilled about it either.

At the festively-decorated SCDP, Pete calls Don and Roger to head to Bertram's office, but they instead have an impromptu meeting in the hallway outside the men's room. Roger's rather slurry for the morning as it's Pearl Harbor Day, but he's in a good mood, which only improves when Pete tells them that Edwin Baker (or "Bazooka Joe," as Roger smartly and hilariously calls him) has been canned from Jaguar and thanks to Pete quietly working some contacts over there while patiently waiting for Edwin to flame out, they're in the running for the account along with four others who also don't have car commitments at the moment. Pete adds that SCDP is the smallest of the contenders, so they're really got to deliver a kick-ass presentation. Don sighs that it will be a lot of work, prompting the first bit of snittery from Pete: "You may have to stay past five-thirty." Don counters that he'd live at the office if he thought this Jaguar thing weren't a pipe dream, but Don -- as you pointed out to Pete a few episodes ago -- IT'S A CAR.

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