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Roger is wearing some busy red Hawaiian shirt with the names of a bunch of islands and stereotypical illustrations; as bombed as he is, he's definitely looking like a South Pacific version of spring break. He babbles to an appreciative (or at least indulgent) Scarlett about the genius of Pearl Harbor and I didn't think he had any sense of humor about the Japanese, but this could be thanks to the magic of LSD yet again. Joan emerges from her office and rather archly suggests that Roger keep it down and Roger takes an invitation that isn't there and follows Joan in. Joan claims that she couldn't care less about his blatant hitting on other women, but her tone obviously suggests otherwise and her mood doesn't improve when Roger assures her that it's okay -- Jane's not going to take everything. From here, we learn that Joan has refused Roger's offers to take financial care of Kevin through college, as she thinks that it's better this way for him. "And if you're not careful, you won't even be a family friend." Roger starts to tell her he had an experience and Joan's response of "I know, Roger," makes it official that the writing staff likes poking fun at Roger's LSD evangelism as much as I like recapping it. Roger slurs that the point is they made a baby, but Joan brings it back around to how much she doesn't care by pointing in Scarlett's direction with her eyebrows and icily countering, "And now it's some other lucky girl's turn." I don't think this is all about Roger, given what's to come -- I think she's just over men at the moment. But, as usual, he's not helping.

Hilariously, Harry is chanting his little heart out and it may be the smoke-filled room, but if he's sweating so much from this bit of activity I think he might want to join his local Y. When the chant is over Harry says he should go, but after determining that he's hungry, Lakshmi sends Harry to get some food with Paul. Cut to a cab (it's dark now, although it could also be like 4:30 in the afternoon given the time of year), in which Paul keeps on with that hilariously beatific smile as he regards his old friend. Despite his chanting enthusiasm, Harry cautions Paul he's not joining up, but Paul tells him he doesn't want him to before admitting he's hung up on Lakshmi. Harry's all va-va-va-voom about that, but Paul informs him that she used to be a girl named Janet "whose promiscuity led her to drugs and prostitution" and we're all glad she found Krishna so she could get over the latter in particular. Harry asks what Paul's story is then and Paul tells him he was at rock bottom and had really degraded himself. I'm sure he's exaggerating in that Kinsey way, but it's still worth it so Harry can ask "At McCann?" Hee. Paul doesn't clarify what exactly the circumstances were that sent his life into the toilet, but goes on that while he loves what the movement has given him, he doesn't know why he has to live his life that way to praise God. Harry wonders if he's being made to stay, but Paul says the problem is Lakshmi -- he wants to make a life with her only not as a Krishna, but as a former runaway she won't leave unless she knows she won't end up back on the streets. Harry takes this as confirmation of his fear that Paul was only after money, but Paul assures him that's not the case. That's how they get you, Harry! Run!

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