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Lane has just told the accountant/whatever that the money is coming and when the guy brings up his fee, Lane's like, hey, look at the time, kthanksbye! He hangs up, and I guess he's out of the woods for a short moment, but seriously: Is he planning to kill Joan? Because I can't imagine any other way she won't figure out what he's done and on top of that, I'm pretty sure she can take him.

Speaking of Joan and potentially bloody situations, Scarlett pops into her open office to inform her she has "a guest" in Reception who needs a signature. Cut to Joan walking past Meredith, the blonde bimbo, to a dude in a hat and overcoat who immediately after affirming her identity serves her with what we can assume are divorce papers. Just to get it out of the way so we can all enjoy what's to come, I think Joan is upset with the presentation of it rather than the fact -- obviously it was her intention that they get divorced, but the fact that he didn't notify her personally and that she's having to deal with this at work etc., brings all her frustrations toward not just Greg but men in general to the surface, which leads to the amazing scene right here. Joan rounds on Meredith and gets right into it and when she asks what the guy claimed to have discussed with her, Meredith replies, "I don't remember everything everybody says!" I have to hand it to her -- not everyone is capable of being condescending while detailing her own incompetence. Less impressed is Joan, who goes around in the bend in fifth gear by screeching that Meredith is an "idiot" and going on that having her out there is the same as having no one. Meredith, unfazed, replies that the guy said he knew Joan and had a surprise for her and Joan's response will long be remembered: "A surprise? Well, thank you for that!" HERE'S a surprise!" With that, she picks up the model of the Mohawk airplane, smashes it down on Meredith's desk and yells, "SURPRISE! THERE'S AN AIRPLANE HERE TO SEE YOU!" If I'm ever in a screaming match with someone and there's a model of an airplane handy, I hope I have the presence of mind to summon that line. Although I have to wonder if Joan will feel guilty later when they get the bad news about Mohawk. Anyway, Don has been witness to the last bit of this and he steps forward and puts an arm around Joan's waist and gets her out to the elevators. She tries to tell him she's fine, but it's only a few seconds before her face gives way to despair so he tells her to come with her. She points out she doesn't even have her coat, so he gallantly removes his and wraps it around her, and she reluctantly allows herself to be led into the car...

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