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Birth and Death In The Same Episode

All right, this couldn't be postponed forever, but it does seem rather cruel that Joan, of all people, had to make the initial discovery especially given their last interaction... not that she could have had any idea what he was going through. One sad point I kind of wish I'd overlooked is that if he'd known it was going to come to this, he probably would have staunchly defended Joan's honor last episode; between him and Don, I think the matter would have dropped or at least all the facts would have come to light. Anyway Joan, thinking to put the books on Lane's desk for him, unlocks his door, but when she tries to open it, it's impeded by something and she also notices a smell that looks, from her reaction, reminiscent of the food in her less-than-functional refrigerator. Looking down, she sees a table lying on its side and -- her heart probably knowing what this means before her mind caches up -- she rushes into the neighboring office (Harry's now), wherein she already is barely holding it together as she tells him, Ken and Pete that she thinks something is terribly wrong in Lane's office. Pete pops up on the couch to look through the upper window and his sharp intake of breath when he looks to his right and his hand involuntarily covering his mouth are all we need to know that the deed is done. Harry and Ken check it out for themselves and then Ken wordlessly consoles Joan as she starts to sob in earnest. At a loss, Harry can only come up with "Jesus," which seems about right...

...and while they figure that situation out, let's check in with Sally, who's lying on Betty's bed when her mother brings her a hot-water bottle and tells her not to be embarrassed, "but if you ever get in trouble like that, just ask another woman. They'll understand." The advice is practical, but the prospect of telling a stranger about her perceived shame is not something Sally's ready to consider just yet. Betty gets into bed with her and tells her she knows it's a lot of responsibility, but it's part of being a woman and while having your period is unpleasant, it means everything's working and is ready for a baby, "when you want one. Maybe you'll have a beautiful girl and you can tell her all this." I don't know why, but I kind of thought Betty would be more evangelical about the wonders of menstruation, but she's got her eyes on the prize here as having said something well-designed to make Sally feel better, she puts an arm around her and gives us a small but triumphant smile. Lady, do you ever make it tough.

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