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Birth and Death In The Same Episode

...and then in the parking garage, he wonders why they can't just take a cab, but the reason is right in front of them -- she bought him a racing green Jaguar. Lane, stunned, asks how she got it and when she obliviously tells him she wrote a check, he hardly hears her go on that he never spends on himself and she got a very good price by dropping the information about his partnership at SCDP. Lane -- his eyes misting over, probably at the sweet gesture as much as the horror it means for him -- admits that it's lovely and then his stomach can take no more as he runs around a support pole to yak. Lane, if you want to emulate Season 4 Don accurately, I hope you got it all over your shirt. Considering how to town the sound designers went, it seems like a safe bet.

From Sally's comment that Don has a big meeting "tomorrow" it's now Sunday and Megan and Sally are dressed to go out, while Don is spread out on the couch with Dow Chemical materials. A quick check assures her that he does not, in fact, want to come and although she recognizes it's not the time to get into it, a look that's rather Betty-like in its balefulness suggests that all is not great. And Don, when she does take out her frustrations it'd be just as well not to have any food within reach.

Rebecca is trying to get Lane to take the car for a spin, as I'd imagine they didn't make it to dinner Friday night, but he tells her he's got work to do although he does assure her that he loves the car and her and adds that there will be plenty of time. I hope he wasn't saying that cynically; she's going to have enough to deal with as it is. Rebecca lets us know that he got sick from drinking again the day before and as such wonders why he's still at it, but he tells her its cognac and claims it settles the stomach. It's a ridiculous thing to say, but it's a lot harder to have a Lost Weekend when you're married.

Megan and Sally have met up with Jaguar Juliet, who to her credit doesn't seem in the least put out about Sally's presence, although she does doubt that the waiter will serve Sally coffee. They're trying to figure out a movie to see, but Sally's more interested in participating in actual girl talk and she even pipes up that she has a boyfriend, although she's not sure if he likes her "that way." Juliet thinks that means he's not a boyfriend and just because Sally's hanging with the adults, Juliet, that doesn't mean you have to be completely sugar-free with her, as Megan demonstrates by taking her hand and telling that a boyfriend is someone who knows you and makes you feel special. "And holding hands is plenty." Heh. At that moment, the waiter brings Sally the requested coffee and isn't that a lovely, subtle indication of how she's becoming a young woman. I really am not sanguine that any further evidence is needed.

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