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Birth and Death In The Same Episode

Lane lies awake in bed, regarding his sleeping wife. Next thing you know, he's dressed and in the parking garage and he puts a hose into the exhaust pipe of the car he can't afford, padding it with a cloth to ensure the gas will flow freely, runs the other end of the hose into the window... well, I don't have to give you the blow-by-blow, he's attempting suicide and rather diligently too. As a final goodbye to this world, he snaps the frames of his infernal glasses. Of course, as I said in the recaplet, killing himself in a Jaguar is definitely riding out of this life on a tidal wave of irony, but since this would also unnecessarily make an uncomprehending Rebecca one step beyond even the catastrophically distraught she's going to be, I'm glad the car gets the last laugh by refusing to start. "Jaguar: It'll make you want to kill yourself, but you'll have to do it somewhere else." This goes on for some time and then Lane hilariously is using one of the lenses of his glasses as he tries to figure out what's wrong with the engine...

...but let's check in with Sally and her boyfriend (?), Glen. On the phone, Sally tells him about escaping the ski trip before "casually" asking him if he'd like to visit her the next day. Glen tells her he'd have to sneak off campus and then it'd be a twenty minute bike ride to the station and two hours on the train. Sally, however, points out that they never see each other and that's all Glen needs to hear before he gives in and goes to get a pen to write down her address. Sally, if he's going to go to that much trouble, he at least likes you some way.

Lane, his glasses taped back together, has arrived at his SCDP office and types a letter. And since we all know what he's doing, I have to say it's a nice avoidance of cliché that Lane didn't decide it was Providence intervening as a sign that he has so much to live for. Although if it had been a Mercedes that stalled, it might have been harder to ignore.

Megan bids Sally goodbye, warning her that she's going to feel the TV as soon as she comes back. Sally's like hey, your business and as soon as Megan's gone she runs off to get ready...

...while Don and Roger are nervously waiting for Ed Baxter to see them. Roger asks if Don's going to tell him what he's going to talk about "or is my look of surprise part of the sales pitch?" Well, since you're into giving him bright ideas and all. Don tells Roger he doesn't want the pitch to sound rehearsed and I'm pretty sure it's possible for it to sound spontaneous by rehearsing it and vice versa, but as long as he's got a plan, I guess. Plus, I know he enjoys making Roger squirm. Roger tells Don to keep his cool, "but if he baits you, I want you to punch him in the balls." Realizing Roger just passed up an opportunity to give him some hippie-dippy wisdom, Don asks what happened to his enlightenment, and Roger shrugs: "It wore off." Wow, I'm aware acid can be very strong, but that's the longest I've ever seen it take for someone to come down.

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