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In a checker cab, Ken's going over some last-minute stuff for the presentation, unaware that Don has just hatched a mental scheme; after Ken and Harry disembark, he leaves the artwork for Ginzo's idea in the cab. Damn, are people stone cold in this episode, or what? Also, if I'm offended, it's on Stan's behalf, not Ginzo's.

Betty calls Sally into the kitchen to inform her that "Mrs. Engel" gave her an A+ on her family tree, like that's a surprise given what a soap opera it is. Betty tells Sally she's proud of her before being like oh, you should probably thank Megan for all her help! Sally, however, came to play as she tells Betty that Don and Megan told her the same stuff about Anna that Betty did. "Daddy showed me pictures and they spoke very fondly of her." There's a new, adult contempt in her eyes, but Betty's too juvenile and thrown to notice and she sends Sally off to watch some TV as a reward, leaving her to contemplate how completely wrong it all went and impotently knock something off the table. Well, that's better than eating it, I suppose.

Roger and Jane are having dinner with Rosenberg (played by Richard Fancy, forever Mr. Lippman from Seinfeld) and his wife, and Roger's keeping the racism very light, so things are going well when the son Bernie shows up. Bernie's played by Mark Famiglietti, who holds a special place in my TWoP heart for having portrayed Scout on Young Americans. Could it be that we were ever so young and gathered around Lake Homoerotica? Whatever may have been in his past, though, the subtle eyes he gives Jane look heterosexual enough to me, but that doesn't stop Roger from pitching "his" idea and I won't bother explaining it unless it becomes relevant but it's cute and a hit. He does magnanimously offer that he "engaged some of our Creatives ad hoc" in anticipation of the meeting and Bernie's like, great, let's sign so I can get back to hitting on this woman who is, as far as I know, your current wife. I think I liked him better when he was kind of gay.

In the office, Stan and Ginzo -- the latter looking dismally anxious -- each have a beer (Rheingold, if you're interested) close by when Peggy wanders in and wonders if she's the only one who can work and drink at the same time. How it's not like the old days, eh Peg? Harry turns up (it's still business hours in LA) and informs the crew that "they bought it" and Ginzo thinks the "it" is his, but Harry eventually tells him that Don left that idea in the cab, which is no big deal since they made the sale. Ginzo, aghast, looks around for support, but the best Peggy can manage is a "what can you do?" smirk, so he goes running off maybe to soak Don's office in Manischewitz while Peggy picks up the phone and says she's going to order dinner. Stan: "Sure. He's going to be useless tonight." I have pitched many spin-offs of this show, so proposing Stan, Peggy and Ginzo in Creative Confidential probably won't be my last effort, but I think it might be my favorite.

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