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A shot of the parade on the TV gives way to Megan's bustling about getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner when Don appears in his shortie robe. She tells him Juliet (that's the redhead) got the part and let's just say from his reaction that Don doesn't seem to be Juliet's biggest fan. Hopefully he hasn't seen her act, because that wouldn't help. Don complains that it's too hot in there and goes to open the balcony door, but Megan warns him off -- there's a smog emergency, and the air is toxic. "I don't want that in here." She does not literally point toward the Rye Town Francis Spookhouse to indicate the source of said poison, but it's not hard to guess what she's thinking.

And speaking of which, Henry's cutting up the turkey (I'm guessing Pauline is still convalescing?) and then Bobby tells Betty they need to say what they're thankful for. Bobby and Sally pipe up with some pleasant thoughts and then it's Betty's turn: "I'm thankful that I have everything I want. And that no one else has anything better." Henry's all "Hear, hear," and then they dig in; we leave after seeing Betty chew long and hard on the one dollop of stuffing she's allowed herself, this time actually enjoying it rather than just going through the motions. It's probably just me, but after this episode I wonder if speculating who's going to survive the season intact might be more efficient than guessing who's going to die. See you next week.

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