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The Devil You Know

Ginzo comes busting into Roger's office, but Roger is apparently expecting him as he waves him into a chair and asks him if he can keep a secret. Ginzo: "Nope." Hee. Roger thinks long and hard about that response, but apparently decides it's not a deal-breaker as he hands Ginzo a drink and tells him he needs him to do some work for him on a prospective account and there will be dinner involved. Ginzo: "And murder." It's almost like he's seen the script. Roger impatiently brushes Ginzo's attempt to play coy about his Jewish heritage aside while not even bothering to rein in his insulting comments about the same; the point is he wants some ideas for selling Manischewitz to Gentiles. Ginzo, however, wonders whether keeping secrets from Don is such a brilliant idea and for someone who mouths off as much as he does, it's nice to see that he has some kind of self-preservation instinct. Roger's plan, however, is to take credit for the ideas at the dinner, after which he suggests that Don will obviously pick Ginzo for the account, but Ginzo doesn't understand the need for all these machinations. So Roger offers: "When a man hates another man very very much sometimes he wants to know that something is his, even if in the end, he has to give it up." Ginzo is more hip to the explanation than I would have expected, gleefully noting that Roger really hates Pete, but Roger gives one of his implied acid-changed-my-life speeches as he says he doesn't devote the energy to hating people anymore. "It's for Mr. Cooper." Hee. Ginzo asks what's in it for him and after getting the price to something that seems in the ballpark for what he paid Peggy for similar work, Roger sighs, "I've got to start carrying less cash." I'm going to go old-school on this one: shout-out?

After a close-up on a single lonely chop frying in a pan, Betty enters the darkened kitchen and asks what Henry's doing and Henry sighs an apology that he can't eat fish five times a week. I don't know many people who'd actually welcome today's mercury levels in fish, but Henry sounds like a candidate. Betty isn't defensive, instead apologizing and saying she doesn't want him to go to bed hungry before poking the meat and suggesting it's done. And they don't draw attention to it, but I'm pretty sure Betty tasted the finger she used to test the meat, for which I can hardly blame her. Henry invites Betty to join him at the kitchen table and Betty doesn't even ask if there's room for her martyrdom complex before suggesting it's unfair for Henry to be driven to such lengths because Betty can't control herself. Henry demurs, essentially explaining that he's stress-eating because he's realized the job he's on is a dead end -- Lindsay isn't running, which means "Rocky" will be the candidate. Betty wonders about Rocky's status as a divorcé, but Henry thinks nobody cares anymore, evidenced by the fact that he just got reelected governor. Henry concludes in no uncertain terms that he bet on the wrong horse and jumped ship for nothing, to which Betty busts out some Weight Watchers Wisdom, saying that it's easy to blame other people for our problems, but he's in charge of himself and she's there to help him just as he helps her. Whether he recognizes the source or not, he's amusedly encouraged by her meeting-speak and offers her a small taste of his meat, as it were. Once she ascertains that it's after midnight, she accepts. Careful, Henry or you'll see how much less convincing her WW talk is when colored by an empty stomach.

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