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The Devil You Know

Speaking of people whose tone isn't exactly sunny, Roger gives Jane a call and invites her to dinner, adding that she told him during their trip that she'd always be there for him. Jane: "Stop telling me things I said that night." I wouldn't have guessed there would come a moment when Jane would speak for all of us, but here we are. She adds, "Like I know I didn't promise to remarry right away just to save you alimony." Well, I'll give Roger points for the attempt, there. She asks why he doesn't invite Joan, but Roger deftly evades the question, leading Jane to put in a request for a new apartment, as it's painful for her to be in their old one and also Roger's mother is her landlord, which is hilarious, given that she can't even keep good enough track of Roger's marriages even to know who Jane is. Roger sighs that this is going to be the most expensive dinner in history and, seriously, I hope Ginzo doesn't find out about this or he's going to be pissed. Jane brightens and tells Roger she's already found the perfect place and with a hint of levity tells him to have his counsel tell hers where and when the dinner is before giving him some grudging thanks. Jesus girl, you haven't been out of the game that long to have forgotten where you come from. An apartment? I hope at least Roger can deduct that from the settlement.

Pete's in his office when Beth turns up and seductively locks the door and just her getting by his secretary is off enough that you know this is someone's dream even before she lets her coat fall open enough that we can see sexy stockings and not much else. Pete, was this little daydream really worth further traumatizing fans of Gilmore Girls?

At the Francis family kitchen table, Sally is working diligently on her family tree project. After Betty confirms that Megan and Henry get branches off Don and her, respectively, she sorts through Bobby's homework and comes across a short mash note to Don from Megan on the back of a drawing Bobby made in the city. After a long moment, she dismisses Bobby and upon some further consideration, lightly tells Sally, "Don't forget your Daddy's first wife." Oh. Ohhhh. I suppose Betty doesn't know that the kids visited Anna's old house, but this is still beyond the pale, especially since she's using Sally to fire a shot at Megan, the effectiveness of which will not quite be what she guesses. Sally gives Betty the chance to take it back, saying "Elizabeth Hofstadt Draper Francis" is already on there, but Betty chomps on a celery stalk as she says she should just put Anna Draper down as deceased. Sally won't be put off so easily and asks who Anna is, but Betty counters that Megan should have told her so she can ask her for explanations. Betty stalks out, but not before crumpling up Bobby's picture with the note on the back and throwing it in the trash for bad measure. I'd love to see the lead Weight Watchers woman's face if Betty's honest about this little episode. That would send even her straight into a box of Mallomars.

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