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The Devil You Know

In the conference room, Harry's complaining about his office, which I thought he tacitly agreed not to do? Guess it's Roger's fault for paying cash without a contract. Pete, Ken, Peggy and Ginzo are in attendance and then Don and Stan join them with artwork for the two ideas discussed earlier. They both play well in the room, but Pete eventually calls Ginzo's idea as funnier although he plans to take them both to the client. Ginzo, that self-preservation instinct apparently somewhat ephemeral, is rather tone-deaf in his celebration and after Don withdraws in a manner I would not describe as non-threatening, Ginzo crows, "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair." Stan, continuing to win my heart: "You should read the rest of that poem, you boob." Peggy's smirk matches my own...

...and then we're in the Draper apartment, with Don just leaving to take the boys out somewhere. Sally's obviously in a mood (Don's "Have fun" to Megan is just the right amount of pointed) and when they're alone, Megan calls her on being so nasty. Sally shoots back that she's a phony -- and who's Anna? Megan's taken aback, so Sally presses on, saying Megan acted like her friend, but she really just does whatever Don says. After unsuccessfully trying to get Sally to reveal her source (although surely she must know), Megan tries to explain to Sally that she didn't think it was her place to tell her about Anna, as Sally is a little girl and "it's complicated." Sally: "Fine. Just keep digging yourself deeper." If I could carry this girl around with me, it'd make my job a lot easier. Deciding to act, Megan hotly informs Sally that, despite whatever Betty may have told her, Anna and Don got married as an act of convenience and they never lived together and never had kids. She goes on that back then, "it was the only way to help each other out," prompting Sally to retort, "Then why did he marry you?" For pre-Thanksgiving, it is awfully cold in New York. Megan finally does the sensible thing and tells Sally to talk to Don, but Sally snaps that she doesn't want to. "And don't tell him I asked." Damn, setting Megan up to fail her again. This may be little-girl shit, but it's Betty-grade little-girl shit. Pursuant to that, as Megan goes to leave the room, Sally sneeringly asks if she's going to make herself cry. Megan, hurt, merely tells Sally that she is her friend before making herself scarce. When she's gone, Sally looks like that was less fun than she figured it would be. Well, kid, practice makes perfect.

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