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The Devil You Know

It's meeting time and we quickly learn that Betty's the same weight as last time, so I'm guessing she's cursing Henry's name and his late-night steak snacks. The leader tells them it's a tough time with Thanksgiving so close and gives them a pep talk about filling themselves in a more metaphorical, spiritual sense with all the things for which they have to be thankful. She asks who has a plan for how to handle the day and Betty looks pensive, probably wondering if another horribly poisonous act would cause her to lose her appetite.

Megan softly returns to the bedroom, having ascertained that Sally is asleep and lets Don know what happened. He immediately picks up the phone to chew Betty out, while he's up letting Megan have an earful for saying anything at all, but she cautions him to keep his voice down and tells him that he's just going to make things worse. Whether that's true or not remains to be seen, but as it turns out the die is cast as Sally silently appears in her bedroom doorway, able to hear the entire conversation. Given what happened during Megan's parents' visit, it's not like the acoustics of this place come as a surprise. Don wonders if he's just supposed to let Betty stick her "fat nose" (I'll give him a one-time pass here) in his business, not to mention he doesn't know what he's supposed to say to Sally now. Megan replies that she promised she wouldn't tell Don, to which he spits the question of who the child is now. He tells her to take her hand off the phone, but Megan urgently tells him that this is what Betty wants and if he calls, he'll just be giving her the "thrill of having poisoned us from fifty miles away!" Hearing this, Sally looks flabbergasted, while Don deflates in the face of Megan's commonsense analysis and puts the phone back down. Having suddenly hit another breakneck patch of growing up, Sally withdraws into her room, while Megan sits with Don and meekly says she's sorry, but she didn't know what else to do. He takes her hand and gives a reciprocal apology and for me it's only fun to see them fight when orange sherbet is involved.

Peggy's working late when Ginzo turns up. No sooner has he taken off his ear-flap hat when he blabs to Peggy about doing some work for Roger and I know you told Roger you couldn't keep a secret, guy, but that wasn't exactly an unbreakable vow there. At least look ten percent guilty about it. Ginzo doesn't notice Peggy staring quizzical daggers at his back as he goes on that Roger wants something to make him look smart at the meeting. Peggy: "And he asked you?" Heh. But Ginzo's unfazed, saying that he has gifts and is grateful and Peggy's like, I'm working way too late to deal with your bullshit, thanks. I wonder if she's being cavalier because she thinks Roger lowballed Ginzo. Given Roger's belief in Jewish stereotypes, it's not an unreasonable supposition.

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