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Ken steps in more effectively by offering that Creative is frustrated, and Raymond sighs that he's frustrated as well before conceding that the idea is close. Ken suggests he and Raymond have dinner that night and maybe see a show, which I guess means he's not on deadline for another sci-fi short story and he and Raymond exit. It's probably just me, but I like to think that Raymond's impossibility is, somewhere, bringing a smile to the face of my beloved Dr. Faye. Peggy stares balefully through the glass at the group of men while Stan sighs that he admires her for that "completely suicidal move," adding, "Women usually want to please." And while that statement's maddening as well, at least he's appreciating her apparent renegade nature to some degree. Peggy asks him for "sketches of the talking beans" and I hope we don't have to see that presentation. There's only so much I can take. Pete then busts in and tells Peggy she's off the account and when she asks what Raymond said, Pete merely tells her those were his exact words. It's a good thing he refrains from adding his two cents, because in the mood she's in, Peggy would be the second person in as many episodes to make hamburger out of Pete's face in this room.

Looking like she's shed a tear or two, Peggy slugs a shot that looks like it would be considered a double even by this show's standards...

...and then enters Reception, in which Bertram, shoes off and reading the paper, remarks that everyone has somewhere to go. Peggy flatly tells him she's going to the movies...

...and then she's chomping popcorn and watching the offering, which, while seemingly set in Africa, does not look like The Naked Prey to me. Then, apparently catching a whiff of some cannabis from a guy in the row behind her, she turns and tells him he's going to get in trouble, which results in him offering her a toke. She accepts, although without any line as funny as "I'm Peggy Olson, and I want to smoke some marijuana." The guy takes the opportunity to join her and they pass the j back and forth, probably not registering the fact that the scene they're watching talks about going "back to the drawing board." Just as well, given what Peggy's been through.

Sometime later, Peggy is good and high and, as such, is providing commentary loud enough to get shushed from their unappreciative fellow moviegoers. Her new neighbor then takes the opportunity to put his hand on her leg, but she grabs it in favor of playing the game on her own terms. And these terms entail her undoing the guy's pants and giving him a handie right there and this behavior would be dubious enough to begin with, but I just heard the woman on-screen say the name "Elsa," which immediately sets me straight as to the film -- it's the family-friendly Born Free. Of course, in an episode rife with the missing of absent mothers, this choice is strongly thematic, but all I can think of is: Peggy! Not in front of the lion cub!

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