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After a quick shot of Peggy daintily rinsing her hands (took a bit longer than we see, I'd wager), she turns back up at the office to find Ginzo exchanging some heated words with his father in the hallway; Ginzo didn't want him turning up at the office, as the phone call earlier indicated, but the dad says he just wants to use the photocopier; referencing a folder in his hands; he goes on that he's "building [his] case," which I'd imagine we'll be hearing more about. Ginzo then catches sight of Peggy and is like, "Again?" Once more, unjustified on the merits and once more, hee. Ginzo Sr. is all, "Hel-LO" when he sees Peggy and after she introduces herself, a bit more skeeviness from the dad is enough for Ginzo hilariously to declare that "it's bedtime" and escort his dad into the photocopy room. Peggy looks amused by the whole thing, although frankly not as amused as I'd think someone who's presumably still half-stoned would be.

Cut to Peggy having what she probably intends to be a quick lie-down on Don's couch, but between the pressures of the day and the pot, as we stay on her, day turns to night and just like that Dawn is waking her up with the news that it's 8:30 and Don's on the phone. Peggy, of course, has no reason to suspect Don's calling for any other reason than Heinz, so she resignedly tells Dawn she can go (I guess she has no choice, since Peggy's on her bed) before picking up the extension by the couch. Don, in a pay phone booth, urgently asks if she got any calls and she doesn't know to what he might be referring, but still has to reply, "I don't think so." Heh. For his part, Don looks way too agitated to wonder why she's not sure and tells her he has to go, hanging up without even hearing her attempts to tell him that Heinz didn't go well. Peggy doesn't know what this all means...

...but understandably decides that her best course of action is to do some work and we cut to her typing away what's presumably some new copy for the talking beans, with Ginzo burning the evening oil as well, which is good because it leads to the best scene in the episode. She asks why Ginzo never told her about his father (remember, he explicitly said he had no family) and Ginzo replies that Ginzo Sr. isn't his real father. Peggy asks if that means he's adopted, but Ginzo tells her he's from Mars and at Peggy's answering laugh, says it's fine if she doesn't believe him, but he's a full-blooded Martian. Peggy's amusement fades as Ginzo continues telling the story, saying that Martians as a race aren't hostile, just displaced and their existence is a big secret, one that was even kept from him. "That man -- my father -- told me a story. I was born in a concentration camp, but you know that's impossible." The scene is filmed with almost a complete lack of presentation, and, as such, we get to experience that same "WHOA" moment as Peggy, who plays a good audience surrogate in gaping as Ginzo goes on to reveal that his mother supposedly died there, with the result that "Morris there" found him in a Swedish orphanage at the age of five. "And then I got this one communication, a simple order: Stay where you are." This Martian narrative seems too considered to be something he just made up on the spot, yet it also doesn't sound like something he shares freely and this is some pretty intense character development for someone who's still wearing a Don Rickles jacket. Playing along, Peggy asks if there are others like Ginzo and he admits he doesn't know. "I haven't been able to find any." With obviously no idea how to respond to that, Peggy sits silently and maybe she's still wiped out from the day, but it's all I could do not to cry myself. The two of them then get back to work...

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