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...and then it's morning, and Roger is getting dressed with a fairly mournful look on his face. Jane, in their bed, stirs and asks if it's morning and where he's going. She sounds sleepily playful, but when Roger kindly tells her he's going to check into a hotel for a while so as not to displace her, she sits up in confusion -- she apparently doesn't remember their little breakup talk. He fails to recognize that at first, as he happily tells her they didn't need screaming and acrimony and lawyers -- they were able to be there together, in the truth, just like she wanted. She asks if he's leaving her, but he sticks to the trip-speak and says they're leaving each other, just like she wanted, and the things she said were so beautiful -- she even spoke German. Jane denies knowledge of that tongue, but when Roger explains she was quoting her father, she realizes it must have been Yiddish and isn't that another interesting little tidbit about Jane on her way out the door? Jane tries to deny that she meant any of it, but when Roger calls her on telling her therapist about how she knew it was over, she's got nowhere to run. Distraught, she covers her eyes and then informs him their parting is going to be very expensive, but Roger, an old hand at that game by now, merely smiles that he knows. He tries to kiss her on the forehead, but she rebuffs him, so after a long moment he leaves her in tears...

...and then we cross-fade to him and Don emerging from the latter's office again, so apparently the Lost Weekend Roger was proposing didn't come out of so cavalier a place as you'd expect. This time, we stay with Don as he pulls Megan out of the copywriter's room and he tells her about HoJo and the idea of making a long weekend of it, reminding her about their good hotel times in California. Megan, of course, remembers them fondly as well, but still would rather go the next day; however, Don informs her he's the boss, and is ordering her along. There's a hint of jest in his tone, but you'll still want to bookmark that moment.

In the car, Don extols the virtues of orange sherbet and Megan decides to take a nap. All quite riveting, I know, but let's cut ahead to Don lighting a cigarette, the smoke from which apparently wakes Megan. She asks him to open the window and then wonders how Heinz went. Don kind of dismissively asks why she cares, so Megan tells him she feels like she abandoned them, to which he replies that she shouldn't feel bad. "There has to be some advantage to being my wife." Perhaps then sensing that he's coming close, he says he'll check in with Peggy later, which is already less than he said he'd do but probably more than he actually intended. After Don excitedly tells Megan about the indoor pool, the HoJo rep, "Dale," appears and no less animatedly welcomes them. He offers to show them to their room, but Megan says she'd like to eat first, so he offers to bring them one of everything, and inquires if she likes clams. Heh. Megan affably says she likes everything, so I suppose what's to come is the exception that proves the rule. They take a seat in a semicircular booth...

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