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...and then we cut to Don returning to the table and presenting Megan with an orange back-scratcher. Heh. After some talk about gifts for the kids, the waitress comes by and asks if they'd like dessert; Megan requests pie, but Don belays that order in favor of asking for three scoops of orange sherbet with two spoons. Don then takes the opportunity to make some notes about the surroundings on the back of his placemat and that's it for Megan: "You like to work, but I can't like to work." Don at least doesn't pretend not to know what she's on about, but when he tells her she should have spoken up if it was that important, she points out she could hardly have contradicted him at work and it's embarrassing (she doesn't specify what is, but I'm assuming she's referring to being controlled so obviously). The sherbet shows up, and ordinarily I might find it endearingly goofy how excited Don is for Megan to taste it, but he's being so dippy and tone-deaf that he's just annoying me and, as such, I find it patently hilarious when Megan claims to dislike it, saying it tastes like perfume to her and he visibly deflates. The waitress, unfazed, goes to get her a requested scoop of chocolate, but Don sardonically wonders if Megan is just trying to embarrass him. In response, Megan dons a sunny ersatz smile and starts shoveling in huge mouthfuls of the sherbet with fake moans of delight; it's not quite a When Harry Met Sally scene, but it's enough to make me giggle and to make Don, not without abject horror, ask what's wrong with her. Megan drops the act and suggests he make her a little schedule so she'll know when she's working and when she's his wife. Don then suggests she call her mother and "hurl a string of complaints at her in French like you always do," leading Megan to snap back, "Why don't you call your mother?" It's not that kind of show, but this would be a great place for a recorded "OOOOOOOOH" on the soundtrack. Don, flabbergasted, gets up and Megan, seeming to know she went too far with that one, follows...

...but in the parking lot, instead of apologizing, she tells him not to walk away. I can understand her not wanting to give up the slightest bit of ground, but the part about his mother was uncalled for. Her ensuing point that he cares more about "what some truck-stop waitress thinks" than what she, Megan, says has some validity, but without her taking the mother part back, he's no longer hearing her; she rants about how she has to do everything he says, yelling "Yes, Master!" Even Jeannie never got this mad at the Major. In response, Don drives off without a word, leaving an absolutely fuming Megan on the side of the road and at this point I bet they're both wishing they'd gone with Roger.

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