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No Good Deed Goes Unsexed
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So Peggy is still living in the now Abe-less building she owns, and she's dressed and ready to head to work when she sees a rat scurry by. She does scream, but instead of getting up on a table as the cartoons of my youth led me to believe, she heads right out the door. How disappointingly sensible of her.

Dawn greets Don by taking his briefcase and informing him that Roger's in his office. From inside, they hear what sounds like glasses being knocked over, after which Dawn hilariously turns back to Don: "Do you want ice?" Don tells her that coffee will do before heading in and seeing Roger rummaging for something on the floor. Don snarks that being near the bar is one thing, but being under it is quite another; however, Roger is not fishing for dropped olives or cocktail glasses -- Sunkist sent over a crate of oranges, and he was just picking up the three with which he was trying to juggle. He remarks that he's seen blind people do it, but it seems to be beyond him, earning this response from Don: "Why don't you just close your eyes? That's what you did in the meeting." Good line, but at this point it amazes me that Don (or Roger, for that matter) feels qualified to assess anyone else's behavior as unprofessional. It's almost, but probably not quite, as bad as if Betty were to judge anyone else's parenting.

Anyway, it's a moot point, as Sunkist wants them. While Don is glad to hear it, he points out that the best advertising angle will be to show the oranges on TV, "but they were pretty clear they're too cheap to get out of print." Roger suggests Don talk them into it, but Don tells him the best way to do that will be through a media strategy, not market research. He suggests Roger get Harry on it before tossing an orange back at Roger, who starts juggling like a circus performer. And while I compliment the achievement, I find it hard to believe anyone as attention-starved as Roger wouldn't have had this in his arsenal already.

Oh look, it's Dot -- dressed in a Jackie O suit right down to the pink color, with a Spanish man who can only be her nurse, Manolo. Clara leads them up the stairs and tells them Pete should be right with them, and after Manolo requests a cup of tea for his charge, the door opens and Peggy emerges, a poster board with an Ocean Spray ad ("Berry Good" is the tagline, which makes me wonder if this is a first draft) under her arm. Pete, behind her, makes a disparaging comment about having to take Ted's plane to present. Seeing his mother, Pete greets her warmly enough before asking Manolo if he could have a word, and the fairly-heavily-accented Manolo agrees, leaving Peggy to sit down with Dot. Dot tells Peggy that she's glad she and Pete both swallowed their pride and reunited "for the good of the child you have together," and given that Peggy still ostensibly doesn't know about Pete and Trudy's estrangement, it's hard to blame her face for doing some things she probably didn't know it was capable of before she chokes out an "Excuse me?" However, after Peggy tells Dot that she and Pete aren't together "that way." Dot urges "Trudy" not to deny him ("don't reject his caresses" is not a line I necessarily needed to hear), and Peggy breathes a sigh of relief, but doesn't have time really to take in what that means about Pete and Trudy's marriage -- because Dot goes right on to say that she hopes they "can someday find what Manolo and I have found." Peggy's like, "...," and Dot goes on that she "waited long enough to experience the physical satisfactions of love," which I guess is not the greatest testimonial to Pete's dad's prowess, not that that's a huge surprise. Peggy forces a brittle smile before hilariously asking out loud if Clara went to China for the tea, and it does seem to be taking a while, but I wonder if she's not surreptitiously watching and giggling.

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