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No Good Deed Goes Unsexed

Pete looks uncomprehending, so Benson goes on that if there's true love, it doesn't matter who it is -- and then lightly presses his knee into Pete's. Pete looks down, and then back up at Benson, and there's a second where it seems like Pete might smile, but his face eventually -- the moment is allowed to unfold -- reverts to the sour expression his mother knows so well as he pulls his knee away and says he'll give Manolo a month's pay. "And tell him it's disgusting." Clever of both the show and Pete to use Manolo as the surrogate object of Pete's scorn; it means he can reserve actual judgment on Benson. Benson holds his vulnerable, pleading expression for a moment longer, but then is back to his normal chipper, somewhat ersatz self as he tells Pete of course! No problem! When he turns to walk out, though, his smile appears more frozen than it was, so he's got to be worried about his job. Pete, for his part, looks upset, though I read it as more of a "why did he pick me" face than general disgust with homosexuality. I mean, Pete went to boarding school, right? Great work by both actors, but like I said, this is Wolk's Emmy-reel moment.

In a cab, Sally's reciting facts about the Philippines, but Julie's more interested in discussing what Sally's going to do when Mitchell asks her to go all the way. Given some of the lines Sally's come up with over the years, I'm kind of interested myself, but Sally points out that Mitchell doesn't have any idea who she is. Julie, however, tells Sally that she took the "10 Things I Like" letter, signed Sally's name to it and slid it under the Rosen's back door. Sally's mortified, not least because it's going to look like she's so in love she couldn't keep her handwriting straight, but Julie assures her she'll thank her. Maybe, but are you going to care to hear it if she's already killed you?

Sally comes rushing back into the building, and the fact that she's alone lends support to my theory that Julie's parents are going to be getting some bad news. She stammers to our favorite doorman, who's just begun his shift, that she doesn't have her key, and he asks in a hilariously lugubrious tone of voice - the kind you'd use on a five-year-old who misplaced his lunchbox -- if she lost it already, but does give up his master set, AGAIN! And here he just was lecturing the departing doorman on protocol. Sally rushes into the elevator, and as the doorman repeats his cheese-tastic line about high-fashion models to an elderly woman and her maid, Sally looks for the key that's the true object of her errand...

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