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No Good Deed Goes Unsexed

...but regardless, we cut to Don knocking on Sally's door. Ordering her to open the door doesn't work, but when he urgently tells her he needs to talk to her, she at least consents to come to the door and listen. Don starts to give her a bullshit story about how he was "comforting" Sylvia, and Sally doesn't even wait to hear all of it before breaking down in tears, so low has her father sunk in her eyes. He tells her the situation is very complicated, and that's of course not really true, but what is true is that Sally is caught in a very grown-up web of lies, as she can't say anything without Megan getting terribly hurt. So, she tells Don "okay" even though she doesn't believe it, and after he trudges down the hallway, she collapses miserably onto her bed. He looks back at her door before closing his, and we're out. Fantastic episode, taking some plotlines that were really poorly told up to this point and making something real and believable out of them, as well as building effectively on some stuff that was already interesting. And Benson, if Pete won't have you, there are plenty of guys who would be lucky to. Sal must be divorced by now, right?

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