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No Good Deed Goes Unsexed

Inside, Pete pays Manolo for a little extra time and tells him Benson was right about him, and Manolo agrees that Benson "is a wonderful salesman." Mm-hmm. Pete even gives Manolo a cash tip off the books and Manolo tries to refuse as the work is enough of a reward, but Pete insists. Manolo bows respectfully and withdraws, and while it's all very businesslike and straightforward, I wonder how Pete is going to remember it later.

Betty gets off the phone and calls for Sally in that someone's-in-trouble tone of hers right before Henry's voice announces that he's home. Sally enters the kitchen with attitude to match her mother's, as usual, and when Betty tells her that "Julie's" mom called to inform her she and Sally are the only girls going on an upcoming trip, Sally wonders what the problem is. Betty, however, forbids her from staying in a Midtown hotel "with all those boys," the presence of twenty-five-year-old "Miss O'Shea" notwithstanding. Henry enters and irritably wonders why they have a mansion if everyone's always going to be in the kitchen, and I hope this isn't leading to another role-play situation with Sally still in the room. She's going to be scarred plenty soon enough. Sally tells Betty fine, then -- she won't do Model UN, which by the way was Henry's idea, but Betty still won't give. Sally asks if she and Julie can't stay with Don, which gets a "You mean with no one," so I guess Betty wasn't kidding when she told Don she wasn't changing her life just because they slept together. Sally shoots back that at least Don supports her dreams and "he doesn't think I'm just a pain in the ass!" It's a classic play, pitting one parent against the other, but if I were Betty I'd go for a simple Lisa Simpson-esque "What are you basing that on?" Instead, Betty barks that Don's a real hero before snitting to Henry that diplomacy club is just an excuse to make out. If that were true, I'd think it'd be a lot more popular.

Don arrives home to find Megan sitting on the couch with a long-haired boy in his late teens, whom she introduces as Sylvia and Arnold's oft-mentioned, but never-before-seen son Mitchell. Don stretches out a hand, but the kid doesn't even make eye contact to accompany his cursory shake before thanking Megan and leaving via the back door. Don, you might want to take note of how many people know that trick. When he's gone, Megan sighs uncertainly and says that she's sworn to secrecy, but Mitchell's in a lot of trouble -- he's 1-A. Don points out that the kid is in school, but Megan tells him Mitchell sent back his draft card in protest and he got reclassified as a result. She goes on that Mitchell's thinking of running to Canada, which is why he was there as she could call her brother-in-law to help him out of the country, "but I can't do that to Sylvia and Arnold." Don counsels her to leave it alone, and when she protests that he's so scared, he snaps that he should be, but then softens a bit to speak from experience: "He can't spend the rest of his life on the run." Megan sees his point, but still doesn't want him to go to Vietnam. Don flatly tells her it's not their problem. No need for ice in the drink you're fixing, Don.

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