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No Good Deed Goes Unsexed

Ted, Pete and Peggy apparently had a great meeting, if their drunk-ass laughing in some fish shack is any indication. Peggy almost-slurs a request for Ted to get her another whiskey sour, and then they get into discussing air travel, with Pete eventually confessing the circumstances of his father's death before Ted sighs contentedly and tells them this is the agency he always wanted -- "ambition, brains and beauty." Easy, Ted -- Pete's going to get more male attention this episode than he wants as it is. Ted and Peggy exchange some words that would only be seen as flirtatious if A) you're a viewer of the show or B) you know Peggy in That Way, but because Pete can claim residency in column B, when Ted leaves the table to call his wife, Pete wink-winks about Peggy's obvious attraction. She's too drunk to deny it for long, but tells him nothing can happen. Pete goes on that Ted's obviously in love with Peggy too, and Peggy can't hide her joy at hearing that, but then covers by snarking that Pete's the one in love with Ted. Pete agrees that he could use an account and Ted's been generous, before taking a moment and remarking, "At least one of us ended up important." I don't know if it's the booze or Pete's recent misfortunes making him more humble, but this is better than him being jealous of every bit of success Peggy ever earned, and she seems to agree as she smiles beatifically at him. He asks her to tell him she doesn't pity him and she assures him she does not, whereupon they agree that they really know each other. Pete gives her the most genuinely fond smile I recall seeing from him in ages, and Peggy, I'd say if Ted doesn't work out, you've got someone on deck here.

Rather than visit that possibility, though, Peggy brings up the conversation she had with Dot, and when he hears some details, Pete asks exactly what she said. I guess he'll know after this to be more careful with his wording, because Peggy asks if his father ever gave her spa treatments "that released a 'fire in her loins'," and they laugh/almost-barf for a bit about that before Ted returns and is like, heeeeey, drunkies, let's hit the road? Peggy and Pete, though, can't stop the giggling fit into which they've dissolved and Ted looks a little jealous at the moment they're sharing. If it's any consolation, Ted, your tomorrow's going to be a lot less dehydrated than theirs.

Don's pouring a drink (that hardly narrows down the time frame, I know) when the doorbell rings, and he opens up to find Rosen, whom he invites in. Rosen says he would have called, but Sylvia's in a state and he then starts to bring up Mitchell's visit when Megan appears and haltingly confesses she wasn't sure if she should tell him. Rosen says Mitchell saved her the trouble, and they don't want Megan in the middle. "His mother's treating it like he's dying. She doesn't want anyone to know." After some talk of drinking...

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