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No Good Deed Goes Unsexed

Don arrives at Dawn's desk and asks her to get Pete, but she tells him he's supposed to be in a status meeting and that she also needs to know whether he'll be attending the Chevrolet dinner that night. Don sighs in exasperation, but just then Pete appears, so Don pulls him into his office to ask if Pete's friend still works at the Department of Defense. Pete says no, but Don presses on anyway to ask how his friends get deferments for their kids. Pete runs down the standard answers -- college, divinity school, "medical baloney" -- but Don says he needs someone who can really pull strings. Pete points out that Don is having dinner with GM, one of the largest defense contractors in the world. When Don wonders what the politics of that request would be Pete snits that he doesn't know. "I'm not on Chevy." Heh. He walks out and Don trails after him, assuring that's not his fault before Pete tries to turn lemons into cranberry cocktail, bragging to the suddenly-appearing Roger that Ocean Spray loved them so much "they might even give us the blends." Heh. Roger, however, wonders about the potential conflict with Sunkist, and when Ted emerges from his office, a little kerfuffle ensues about who was supposed to tell who what when, and again, this is a PUBLIC COMPANY. Hire someone whose only job is to run back and forth between the partners and keep everyone up to speed! Anyway, Cutler, who's been twiddling his thumbs in the conference room this whole time, comes out and hears what's going on before proclaiming the two accounts about equal in billings. Ted points out they've already sunk five grand into Ocean Spray, and Roger's probably kicking himself for not booking the Presidential Suite for his California trip so he could match that number. Ted barks -- at Don, by the way, not Roger -- that maybe he should read a memo once in a while before stomping back into his office, whereupon everyone else breaks up. Great meeting!

Ted's lying on his couch, arm over his eyes, when Cutler enters and notes he warned Ted about the memos. "The more you send, the less they get read." Amen. He wonders why Ted is taking this so personally, adding that they'll end up with one juice account, but Ted snits, "I don't want his juice. I want my juice!" That's hot. Cutler doesn't have time for this nonsense and I don't know who can blame him.

In the lobby of his parents' building, Mitchell is hanging out talking to the doorman (the very same one who led off the season with the myocardial infarction) about Michigan -- he thinks it's beyond his reach, apparently -- when Sally and another girl (undoubtedly Julie) arrive. The doorman gives a typical Velveeta comment about them being a couple high-fashion models before introductions are made and Sally tells the doorman Don and Megan were supposed to leave a key, as she lost hers. The doorman doesn't know anything about it, though, and as he fumbles for his keys, Julie takes the opportunity to flirt with Mitchell a bit, and I'm not sure this character or the actor warrants the all the attention being devoted to them. I wouldn't wish Vietnam on anyone, but a little military service might not be amiss. The doorman tells Sally he'll let her and Julie in, whereupon Sylvia comes bustling off the elevator and declares the need for a cab, pronto, so the doorman hands Sally his set of keys while he heads out to find Sylvia that taxi for her precious boy in too-tight pants. Not to get ahead of myself, but I hope she's taking him to get his hair cut.

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