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No Good Deed Goes Unsexed

Pete, in a T-shirt and still mopping himself up from shaving, answers the door to find Manolo and Dot. He tells them they were supposed to meet him at the restaurant, and Manolo reproves Dot for not letting him manage his calendar, but it seems just as well, as Pete tells Manolo he'd like Dot to himself for the evening. Manolo bids her goodnight with a hand-kiss that doesn't go unnoticed. But Pete, come on -- it's practically an actionable offense for him not to do so. Dot wonders if Manolo really can't join them, but Pete clarifies that he has other plans, so apparently they discussed this in advance. When he's gone -- wouldn't mind knowing exactly where -- Pete offers Dot something, but she tells him Manolo doesn't like her to drink. Okay, this is where I'll admit to Pete it sounds serious. Pete offers that it's nice the way he looks after her, but she does know he's her nurse, right? "You are prone to moments of confusion." Dot: "I suppose there's a way I could mistake your tone for concern." Well, Pete, at least she's not having one of those moments right now. Pete sits with her and, with at least his baseline level of condescension if not more, tells her he's worried she's misconstrued Manolo's attention as affection, but his mother tells him to cut to the chase before confessing that "Manny has awakened a part of me that was long dormant." Rather than let any volcano metaphors, well, erupt further, Pete informs Dot they'll be letting Manolo go, as he's a "pervert." Dot stands and tells Pete he was a sour little boy and he's a sour little man. "How could I expect you to be understanding? You've always been unlovable!" Well, it's good to know his time on this show hasn't been a departure. With as much dignity as she can muster, which given the way she dresses is quite a bit, Dot takes her leave...

...whereupon we cut to a scene that's a bit less dignified, that being the Chevy client dinner, at which Don, Roger, Cutler and Ted are chuckling up a storm. Has Chevy just locked Ken up in a room for their own amusement ever since they learned he could tap-dance? It's his job, I guess. They're discussing fishing venues, and Don asks one of the two Chevy guys where he takes his KID fishing, and then a few people pipe up about KIDS, whereupon Don mentions his friend's kid who just got classified 1-A. I mean, it's obvious to us what Don's doing, and it seems wildly inappropriate given the setting, but on the other hand no one else knows his ulterior motive, so it seems a tad overblown to me for everyone to act like Don just announced he runs a dog-fighting ring in his spare time. Ted tries to make a that's-tough-let's-move-on comment, but Don goes on about his friend being beside himself, and now that I think about it, Don claiming even to have a friend is probably contributing to the dissonance here. He goes on about people "doing things," and one Chevy guy tells him he knows -- and it makes him sick. Cutler and Ted are both gaping at Don now in disbelief, but Roger -- with an assist from Cutler -- reliably succeeds in restoring the light mood. From the way Ted continues to stare at Don, though, he's not about to let this go, which should be fun.

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